Prep Sports Roundup: 2/29

first_imgFebruary 29, 2020 /Sports News – Local Prep Sports Roundup: 2/29 FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailBoys Basketball1-A State Championship Game @ SVCRICHFIELD, Utah-Treyson Roberts amassed 15 points and 11 rebounds on 6-11 from the field as the Bryce Valley Mustangs downed Panguitch 36-34 in overtime at the Sevier Valley Center Saturday to win their third all-time 1-A state championship. Roberts won the game as time expired by making a 4-foot floater, securing the Mustangs’ first state title since 2013 and third overall in school history (2010, 2013). Klyn Fullmer’s 13 points led the Bobcats in defeat.1-A 3rd-4th Place Game @ SVCRICHFIELD, Utah-Gavin Hoyt posted 13 points and Braden Heaton added eight rebounds, five assists and five blocked shots as the Valley Buffaloes blasted Manila 44-29 Saturday at the Sevier Valley Center, earning third place at the 1-A state tournament. Dalton Taylor had 8 points in the loss for the Mustangs.1-A 6th-8th Place Game @ Richfield H.S.RICHFIELD, Utah-Rad Hughes led the way with 22 points and the Green River Pirates gashed Milford 51-42 at Richfield High School Saturday, earning sixth place. Zach Sherwood had 19 points in defeat for the Tigers.Girls Basketball1-A State Title Game @ SVCRICHFIELD, Utah-Kinsley Williams led the way with 16 points and 7 rebounds on 5-8 shooting as the Milford Tigers won their first girls basketball state title with a 48-42 win over the Rich Rebels at the 1-A state title game Saturday at the Sevier Valley Center. Aliza Woolsey added 15 points and 9 rebounds on 5-7 shooting for the Tigers in the win. McKina Stacey had 18 points and 6 rebounds in the loss for the Rebels, who were seeking their first state title since 2011.1-A 3rd-4th Place Game @ SVCRICHFIELD, Utah-Kiesa Miller netted 23 points and 9 rebounds on 9-12 shooting as the Panguitch Bobcats downed Water Canyon 54-42 at the Sevier Valley Center Saturday, earning third place at the 1-A state tournament. Melissa Jessop netted 27 points and 11 rebounds in defeat for the Wildcats.1-A 5th-7th Place Game @ SVCRICHFIELD, Utah-Esther Cox amassed 20 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists on 7-11 shooting as the Valley Buffaloes earned 5th place at the 1-A state tournament with a 63-53 win over Monument Valley Saturday at the Sevier Valley Center. Jamika Nelson had 24 points, seven assists and 5 rebounds on 9-17 from the field in the loss for the Cougars.1-A 6th-8th Place Game @ Richfield H.S.RICHFIELD, Utah-Kassidy Westwood posted 16 points and the Piute Thunderbirds drilled Tabiona 57-27 Richfield High School Saturday, earning sixth place. McKinlee Strebel’s 8 points led the Tigers in defeat. Written by Brad James Tags: Rounduplast_img read more

OUSU suffers £58,000 loss

first_imgOUSU faces a staggering loss of £58,000, according to an interim financial report on the year ended, which was presented to council last week. The predicted loss would leave OUSU with debts of £39,000.The loss, for the financial year ending July 2009, has been largely attributed to the underperformance of Oxford Student Services Limited (OSSL), a trading subsidiary of OUSU, which is responsible for services such as Freshers’ Fair, the Careers Handbook and The Oxford Student newspaper.The size of the loss was completely unexpected. According to official reports, OUSU had been predicting a small surplus until May. OUSU President Stefan Baskerville was only alerted to the actual figures within the last two weeks.Ben Britton, St Catherine’s College MCR co-president commented on the loss, “If OUSU wishes to gain respect and trust within this University, then they should learn to manage themselves and their interests better. This loss illustrates quite how incompetent the OUSU management really are in dealing with our money.”The main reason suggested in the report for OSSL’s deficit is the subsidiary’s lower-than-expected performance in raising advertising revenue. Although OUSU predicted a revenue of £65k, only £39k was actually raised. The report notes, “This may have been caused by over optimistic budgeting expectations, changes in personnel selling the advertising, a change in the economic climate or a combination of all of these factors.”In response to the ongoing criticism of the Students’ Union financial structure, the new sabbatical team has vowed to produce a monthly financial report on OSSL’s activities. This will include detailed publishing of income and expenditure of OSSL’s main activities, including The Oxford Student newspaper. Up until now, there was no attribution of space cost and some staff time between OUSU and OSSL. This has resulted in skewed financial reporting on OSSL’s profit performance. An October JCCSM paper has pointed out the need to reform these reports. Furthermore, OUSU will conduct an internal review of the existence of OSSL by the end of the academic year. In the report they will consider which OSSL activities could be transferred to OUSU, as well as deliberating on anyother changes that might be prudent.However, some will argue that these changes do not to go far enough in increasing financial transparency.Some of OSSL’s activities are suspected of making losses if attributed for space and staff time. However, no figures are currently available which break down in detail the finances of OSSL’s services and publications.Baskerville defended the information OSSL was keeping under-wraps, arguing that revealing the details of certain contracts will make it more difficult for OSSL to negotiate with companies in the future. He said, “That could have a significant and negative impact upon the revenues OSSL is able to generate, which serve to fund OUSU’s work for students.”OUSU is also considering restructuring the management of its activities to reduce their financial losses. In a debate scheduled for 5th Week, OUSU will discuss a proposal that “as far as possible, all publications shall be published in OUSU,” and that each OUSU or OSSL publication should have a publication board consisting of General Manager, Publications and Media co-ordinator and the Editors of the publication.The interim financial report also speculated that substantial changes in OUSU staff arrangements during the year have led to an overspend in staffing costs which will not be repeated in subsequent years. The report notes, “This will have amounted to £15k in the period under review.”Another key problem was the need to write off and provide for £12k of bad debts.OUSU’s indebtedness is a concern for the University, which currently makes up the bulk of OUSU’s funding.Professor Tim Softley, the chair of the Joint Committee of Council with Student Members refused to comment on the issue until further discussions are made by the University.OUSU has assured students that the loss will not result in a cut in services, though the budget will have to be revisited and amended. An OUSU source predicts that the Students’ Union will lose money at the end of this year, calling into question OUSU’s ability to be financially responsible.In response to the revelations, the OUSU team is seeking to assure students that the creation of a Budget Committee will result in greater scrutiny, so such problems can be tackled earlier in the year.However, the establishment of this committee, alongside several others, has been delayed to Hilary term due to lack of communication between OUSU and University authorities. In a Cherwell report on the issue, Stefan Baskerville likened the situation of sorting out the committees to trying to deal with victims of a “car crash”.Despite promises of heightened scrutiny, many at OUSU consider the problems to be more fundamental, and believe that OUSU needs a completely new funding structure. Baskerville has proposed that more funding be sourced from colleges. However, attempts to pass a similar proposal by the JCCSM working group through the University bursars failed in Trinity last year.A problem complicating the funding reform debate is that there are legal issues surrounding OUSU’s aims to achieve a registered charity status.last_img read more

Hoboken City Council to look into marijuana legislation

first_imgHOBOKEN — City Council President Ruben Ramos Jr. said in an interview that he and the council will begin to discuss possible local legislation in regards to the bill about the legalization of marijuana, introduced in the state Senate last week.He said Thursday that he met with City Council Vice President Jen Giattino and Business Administrator Stephen Marks to discuss possible steps.“We are still months away, but I think its important for residents to know we are moving on a parallel track with the state so that we can prepare ourselves if marijuana does become legal,” said Ramos. “I just wanted everyone to know the item is being addressed on a council committee level. We can’t dig our heads in the sand. The potential for this to happen is good.”He said he and the other members of the council will need to hear from constituents and most likely need to pass legislation as to what to permit in the city. Then the zoning subcommittee will need to address zoning concerns if marijuana distribution will be permitted, including if growers will be permitted, restrictions such as not within a certain proximity to a school or park, or how many licenses will be permitted in the city.If you have a letter to the editor on the matter, email [email protected] ×last_img read more

Weekly Market Review: March 2, 2020

first_imgStock investors have been unnerved by the coronavirus’s rapid spread into countries far from the outbreak’s initial source in China. A 3% or greater drop in the S&P 500 stock index in a single trading day has occurred only 108 times since 1950, equal to once every 7.8 months. Three drops of at least 3% in the same trading week, something that happened on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday last week, had last taken place in late October 2008. Last week’s “back-to-back” losses of at least 3% (on Monday and Tuesday) for the stock index was just the 10th such occurrence since 1950. In the nine previous times this has happened, the S&P 500 was “up” 1- year later each time, gaining between +6.2% to +45.0%, with all nine gains averaging a +22.8% gain (source: BTN Research).The yield on the 10-year Treasury is a closely watched barometer for the strength of the U.S. economy. When government bond investors believe the economy is losing steam, they anticipate the Fed coming to the rescue (with lower rates), resulting in rising bond prices and lower yields. Bond investors went “all-in” last week on an expected Fed rate cut, pushing the yield on the 10-year Treasury note to four all-time closing lows (Tuesday through Friday). Friday’s (2/28/20) closing yield of 1.127% on the 10-year Treasury note was the lowest in its 230-year trading history (source: Treasury Department).The fear that the coronavirus could shave one percentage point or more off of global growth and stifle the worldwide demand for energy has sent oil prices tumbling. Friday’s closing price of $44.76 a barrel (its lowest in 14 months) has OPEC, led by Saudi Arabia, considering a cut in its oil production in order to drive oil prices higher (source: OPEC).Notable Numbers for the Week:BORROW RIGHT NOW – The average interest rate on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage fell to 3.45% last week, within 14 basis points of its all-time record low of 3.31% from 11/22/12 (source: Freddie Mac).HORNS, MUSIC AND MOUNTAINS – The three hottest job markets in calendar year 2019 for U.S. cities with a population of at least 1 million people were 1) Austin, TX, 2) Nashville, TN and 3) Denver, CO. The study is based on five measurements including unemployment rate and wage growth (source: Moody’s Analytics).EVERYWHERE – The coronavirus has infected people in 6 of the 7 continents globally, i.e., in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, but not in Antarctica (source: CNN).GETTNG BETTER – American banks repossessed 143,955 homes in 2019, down 68% from 449,900 homes repossessed in 2015 (source: ATTOM Data Solutions).Presented by:Mark R. Reimet CFPCERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERJodie BoothFINANCIAL PLANNERlast_img read more

Now For Something Completely Different: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s Spectacular Arena Debut [Full Audio]

first_imgOn Saturday night, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and Medeski, Martin, & Wood hit the beyond-sold out 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado, marking Almost Dead’s first headlining arena appearance and Medeski, Martin, & Wood’s debut at the venue. The location of their Saturday show was bittersweet for fans and musicians alike, as the performance had previously been slated for the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado, though moved earlier in the week due to a snow storm rolling into Colorado’s Front Range. Saturday morning confirmed that the preemptive venue change was a good call, with thick, wet snow accumulating between three to six inches in Denver and with even more snow on the ground where Red Rocks is nestled—making for what would have been miserable if not dangerous conditions for players and attendees alike at the outdoor venue.Despite the somewhat gloomy day, spirits were high, and fans were ready to celebrate with the other 6,500 people gathered at 1st Bank, particularly considering the stellar performance put on by Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at the Ogden Theatre the previous night. And Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and Medeski, Martin, & Wood had a few tricks up their sleeves as well, putting on a special show for the crowd that made it out for the historic performance.Medeski, Martin, & Wood kicked off the performance, with the legendary improvisational jazz-funk group composed of pianist John Medeski, percussionist Billy Martin, and bassist Chris Wood setting the mood with an avant-garde, mercurial set characteristic of the trio. The stripped down lighting made the large arena feel intimate, with all eyes focused on the group as their slinky, groove-rooted melodies dissolved into spacey, ambient chaos, then back again, with each implementation of order building the original theme’s intensity. Medeski, Martin, & Wood put on a performance of exceptional depth, capitalizing on the inherent freedom created by having only three members. Watching the group, there was an eerie feeling that each member was simultaneously playing completely solo while also psychically dialed into the other two members, with their common intuition allowing the dramatic and hypnotic restorations of structure from sonic anarchy.Following a brief break after Medeski, Martin, & Wood’s heavy, spacey performance—also a preview of a special surprise to come later in the night—Joe Russo’s Almost Dead took the stage and went deep into the Grateful Dead’s catalog history, appropriately opening things up with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From The Storm,” a song that the Dead and Dylan played together on July 24th, 1987 during their shared summer tour that year and which started out with Marco Benevento making use of the addition of the grand piano on the stage set-up. “Shelter From The Storm” quickly dropped into “Bertha,” with the well-known and upbeat crowd pleaser, and particularly its huge build-up led with Joe Russo front and center, amping up and locking in the collective energy within the arena (and also eliciting this gem of an overheard comment from a crowd member, “You could see a Creed cover band with Joe Russo on drums, and they would be amazing.”).“Shelter From The Storm”Bertha[Video courtesy of Karl Shenassa]“Let It Grow” came next, which was led in by a sparse, spacey intro and sung by Scott Metzger. Following “Bertha,” you could tell that this was the moment that Almost Dead truly hit their stride, with the substantial “No Quarter” jam imbued with the heavy, hard tone of Led Zeppelin and with frenetic guitar licks that had the 1st Bank Center rockin’. Russo’s jazzy, syncopated drumming led out of “Let It Grow” into the classic combo of “Help On The Way” > “Slipknot!,” with dramatic pauses from the ensemble, eventually building into a dark, grinding jam featuring meticulous soloing by Metzger and, later, with intricate interplay between Benevento and Russo. Contrasted with this lead-in, the melodic and optimistic resolve into the next song, “Throwing Stones,” was dramatic, eliciting a huge response from the crowd. Russo led the group into the first jam, which featured teases of another Bob Dylan number, “Quinn The Eskimo,” before rolling back through into the refrain of “Throwing Stones”—this was followed by a funky, almost trance-y section heavily focused on Benevento and Russo, which eventually incorporated fiery, shred-heavy licks from Tom Hamilton, which led into the rockified final verse of “Throwing Stones” to close out the song.There was thunderous applause to end the extended, three-song nonstop sequence, with the crowd not easing up as Almost Dead moved into “Must Have Been The Roses.” The mournful song was sung by Hamilton, who, as I wrote in my notes from the night, “can sing the fuck out of a ballad,” and Benevento’s bluesy playing along with Metzger’s emotive longing guitar made the song one of the highlights of the evening. The group’s debut of a cover of Bob Weir’s “Gonesville,” off his solo album Blue Mountain that was released last year, came next. The group took advantage of the classic sound of the song, with Benevento laying into the grand piano during his feature, then passing the lead to Hamilton who got up close to Russo as the two grinned at one another as they built the song to its peak together. “Gonesville” dumped into “Shakedown Street” to close out the first set, and Metzger shined during the song, providing rhythmically interesting counterpoint to the song’s disco base with his guitar. Benevento’s cascading piano on the grand led out of the song’s jam and back into the song’s main theme, where the group brought the song down to a whisper, then back up (while sneaking in teases of “China Cat Sunflower,” which Almost Dead played the previous night at the Ogden) to close out the first set on the high.Must Have Been The Roses[Video courtesy of Coloradojohnsons]Needless to say, the crowd was buzzing during set break, and the energy was palpable from the arena, which was fuller than I or anyone who I talked to had ever seen it. When the second set started, John Medeski, Billy Martin, and Adam Morford (Fort Collin’s Morfbeats) along with Joe Russo were on a riser behind the band’s main setup for an ambient, percussive “Drums” and “Space” segment (though dubbed “Morphbeats” on the setlist). The rest of the band came out for “Dark Star,” leaving Martin and Morford to hold down the auxilary percussion with Russo returning to the kit and John Medeski moseying down to join Benevento at the keys. The song also saw the emergence of Antibalas’ multi-instrumentalist, Stuart Bogie, who performed with Almost Dead at the Ogden last night and who switched off between flute and saxophone during the song. With Benevento behind the grand and Medeski stationed at the Hammond organ, the two renowned pianists together crawled out of the chaos, playing discordant, whorling circles around one another and leading the group as they stretched and reached for the resolve into the refrain sung by Hamilton, which tapered off into a whisper.Medeski, Martin, and Morford departed the stage as Almost Dead and Bogie (on clarinet) remained on stage and quickly transitioned into the crowd-pleasing “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo.” There was a huge round of applause as Tom Hamilton belted out the line “Prayed for better weather,” a shared feeling amongst everyone in the room, though at this point, no one seemed too worried about. Metzger led the charge with soaring, sweeping guitar through to the ending verse of the song, with the slow, a capella sung “Cross the lazy river,” trailing off and being savored by the crowd.“Morphbeat” > “Dark Star” > “Mississippi Uptown”There was barely a moment’s pause before the group built the song back into a jam, with Bogie’s triumphant clarinet at the helm as the group moved into “Estimated Prophet,” with whistles breaking out across the crowd and the house lights flashing on to illuminate the crowd. With Metzger crooning “Don’t worry about me,” Bogie’s exalted sax, and Benevento’s tickling solo, it was a truly sublime musical moment. A dub-tinged jam led out of “Estimated Prophet,” during which Dreiwitz held down the number with his smooth, laid-back bass straight into striking “Terrapin Suite.” The song had the crowd cheering and chanting along as it reached its climax, eventually making way into the “The Other One” with a series of sonically and thematically diverse jam portions, evoking tastes of the Middle East before and later the Caribbean, with the group’s galloping, breezy, and tropical sound. To close out the set, it was a mellow transition to “Eyes Of The World,” where Benevento was a heavy hitter throughout as his powerful solos built the song and the set to its forceful close.The group came back for their encore, opening with “One More Saturday Night,” with Bogie’s sax a perfect addiction to the jubilant song and Joe Russo taking the key force in pushing the song forward. The group then moved into “Not Fade Away,” ending the song following Metzger’s crisp soloing with a feature of Russo and Benevento before taking it to its close with its fading a capella chorus. The floor, which had been packed all night and at capacity, began to clear out, though patient fans were rewarded with a second encore. The first song, “Ripple,” was played at the behest of Russo’s wife, and the song was perfect to begin to close out the show, with the line “Let there be song to fill the air” accompanied by huge cheers from the crowd.“And now for something completely different,” Joe Russo announced to the crowd at the end of “Ripple,” as the band moved into a rockin’ cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run.” With all the house lights on full blast and the arena fully illuminated, it’s safe to say that people were either loving and eating up the abrupt sound and lighting change or thoroughly and hilariously distressed by it. The band closed out their encore to huge cheers from fans, before departing the stage and ending the special night.It’s clear that Almost Dead put much thought into curating the event and their setlist with attention to the last-minute changes due to weather and with the goal of putting on a very special show for fans. The crowd left to the Rolling Stone’s “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” as house music. With “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need” echoing in attendees heads as they left the 1st Bank Center, the crowd found themselves nodding along in agreement, thinking that maybe things worked out just the way they were supposed to.Those who are still disappointed on missing out on last night’s performance or are still (rightfully) longing for Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s headlining performance at Red Rocks need not fret too long. The group returns to Colorado (unfortunately sans bassist Dave Dreiwitz, though with addition of the legendary Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Brothers and Dead & CO in his stead) for their rescheduled Red Rocks debut on Thursday, August 31st. You can also listen to a recording of last night’s 1st Bank Center show below, courtesy of BonoBeats, as well as check out the full setlist from last night below, courtesy of Peter Costello. You can also check out a gallery of photos from last night’s show, courtesy of Andrew Rios.Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | 1st Bank Center | Broomfield, CO | 4/29/2017Set One (8:39PM – 10:17PM): Shelter From The Storm @ (TH) -> Bertha > Let It Grow -> No Quarter Jam # -> Help On The Way > Slipknot! $ > Throwing Stones, Must Have Been Roses, Gonesville % (SM) -> Shakedown Street ^Set Two (10:45PM – 12:53AM) &&: Morfbeats & -> Space *-> Dark Star + -> Half Step -> Estimated Prophet -> Terrapin Suite > The Other One > Eyes Of The World @@Encore One: One More Saturday Night -> Cold Rain & Snow Jam ## -> One More Saturday Night Reprise ##, Not Fade Away $$ -> Tequila Jam -> Not Fade Away RepriseEncore Two: Ripple, Born To Run %%Notes:@ – Bob Dylan Cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead# – Not played by Almost Dead since The Belly Up, Aspen, CO, 2016-07-02, a gap of 32 shows$ – With a “Duo Jam”% – Bob Weir cover, from “Blue Mountain”, First Time Played by Almost Dead^ – With short China Cat & Cold Rain & Snow Jams (Band)& – Kind of a Drums -> Space Hybrid, with Joe, Adam Morford, Billy Martin & John Medeski, playing crazy percussion instruments created & built by Adam Morford on a riser behind Joe’s kit. Eventually Marco, Tommy, Dave & Scott joined in & the segment evolved into Space. First Time Played by Almost Dead.&& – Entire second set from Space on & encore with Stuart Bogie on Sax, flute & clarinet.* – With John Medeski on percussion & then Hammond Organ and Billy Martin & Adam Morford on Percussion+ – With John Medeski on Hammond Organ and Billy Martin & Adam Morford on [email protected]@ – With a tease of what I think was a Tears for Fears tune (TH)## – First Time Played by Almost Dead$$ – With Black Throated Wind teases (SM), Chuckles (WOLF) Teases (SM) and a “Duo Jam”%% – Played with the house lights on Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Neil Young Shares Heartfelt Tribute For Late Ex-Wife Pegi

first_imgEarlier this week on New Year’s day, Pegi Young, longtime wife of iconic singer/songwriter Neil Young until their divorce in 2014, passed away after a one-year battle with cancer.Pegi was a singer, songwriter, and most notably an activist who co-founded the Bridge School in Northern California for severely disabled students and their families with her ex-husband,  and went on to help create the annual fundraising concert which hosted the likes of David Bowie, Simon & Garfunkel, Bruce Springsteen, Phish, Pearl Jam, Metallica, and many more. Neil and Pegi’s son, Ben, has cerebral palsy and is among many Bridge School alumni.Neil Young shared a heartfelt tribute with lyrics from Harvest Moon’s “Such A Woman”, as well as a message for Pegi on the Neil Young Archives website, which you can read below.[H/T JamBase]last_img read more

The gift of Kuumba

first_imgIn the yearly cycle of a Harvard student, before the comfort of the festive year-end season, comes the stress of finals season. This weekend, as the community braces to clear that last hurdle, the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College offer the perfect antidote: their annual Christmas Concerts.Christmas songs, gospel, spirituals, spoken word and dance will fill Harvard’s Memorial Church in this year’s edition, the 45th of a celebrated tradition by the oldest existing black organization on campus.Named for the Swahili word that means “to create,” Kuumba dates to 1970, when a group of black undergraduate students formed on the backdrop of “a time when things across campus, and the nation, were particularly difficult for people of color,” according to the group’s president, LeShae Henderson ’16.“They created a space where they felt valued and appreciated, and could practice their cultural traditions, which at that time didn’t necessarily exist at Harvard,” she said. “Today, 45 years later, it’s still a safe space for black students on campus.”Being a part of Kuumba was a huge draw for Henderson when deciding where to pursue her education. Three and half years later, she described the group as a second family — one that has not only been supportive to her as a Harvard student, but as a person of color living through a tumultuous period in the history of race relations nationwide.The concert, she said, is a gift to the community that falls in line with her interpretation of the group’s mission. “We celebrate creativity and spirituality, and do what we can with what we have, to leave a space better than we found it.”The 45th Annual Kuumba Christmas Concert takes place at the Memorial Church tonight at 8; and Saturday (Dec. 5) at 8 p.m. Tickets are free, from the Harvard Box Office, at 617-496-2222.last_img read more

Gaz Metro part of major wind energy project in Quebec

first_imgBoralex Inc and Gaz Metro Limited Partnership have learned that the minister of Quebec’s Natural Resources and Wildlife, Nathalie Normandeau, has approved for their two wind power projects in the northeast part of the province. The installed capacity of the facilities is 272 megawatts. Gaz Metro owns both Vermont Gas and Green Mountain Power.”The announcement of this decree, the first to be awarded to a project under the latest Hydro-Quebec call for tenders, is excellent news for the Consortium and clearly proves the environmental merit and social acceptability of the Seigneurie de Beaupre wind farms. We are enthusiastic about contributing to the expansion of wind power in Quebec,” said Patrick Lemaire, president and chief executive officer of Boralex and Sophie Brochu, president and chief executive officer of Gaz Metro.Having successfully completed the key step of obtaining environmental approvals, the Consortium can now move ahead with applying for construction permits and financing from financial institutions.The schedule startup date for the Seigneurie de Beaupre wind farms is December 2013. The Consortium’s wind farms are being built on land owned by the Seminary of Quebec, which is perfectly suited to wind power projects. In addition to the excellent wind conditions, the site is removed from urban and residential areas. The wind farms will be built 60 km northeast of Quebec City and 15 km north of Saint-Tite-des-Caps, which means there will be almost no visual or sound impacts for neighbouring communities.For more information, see the website for the Seigneurie de Beaupre wind farms at is external).GMP Corporate Communications Manager Dorothy Schnure said that the Quebec project will not have a direct effect on GMP in Vermont, but does show the parent company’s commitment to renewable energy sources. She said that GMP and other Vermont utilities are in the investigation phase of developing a wind farm in Lowell, in north-central Vermont. She said the Vermont gourp has not committed to the project yet, but the installed output of the facility likely would be in the 30-40 megawatt size.At the moment, Schnure said the group is conducting environmental studies and later this month will file for a permit for a met tower to measure the wind resource. A description of the Lowell project can be found at is external).About BoralexBoralex is a major private electricity producer whose core business is the development and operation of power stations that generate renewable energy. Employing over 300 people, the Corporation owns and operates 22 power stations with a total installed capacity of 365 MW in Canada, in the Northeastern United States and in France. In addition, the Corporation has more than 300 MW of power projects under development. Boralex is distinguished by its diversified expertise and in-depth experience in three power generation segments – wind, hydroelectric and thermal. Boralex shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BLX.Boralex also holds a 23% interest in Boralex Power Income Fund, which has 10 power stations with a total installed capacity of 190 MW in Quebec and the United States. These sites are managed by Boralex.Gaz Metro OverviewWith nearly $3.6 billion in assets, Gaz Metro is Quebec’s leading natural gas distribution company. In the last 50 years, Gaz Metro has become the trusted energy provider to over 180,000 customers in Quebec and 134,500 customers in Vermont, a state where it distributes at once natural gas and electricity. Through its implication in the Seigneurie de Beaupre Wind Farm project, Gaz Metro gets involved in the production of renewable energy, continuing its commitment to the satisfaction of its customers, unitholders, employees and community. Source: Boralex. MONTREAL, July 8, 2009. /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ –last_img read more

Pete’s RV buys Indiana dealership

first_imgPete’s RV Center Vermont,On May 2nd, Vermont-based Pete’s RV Center, based in South Burlington, officially assumed ownership of Rollin-On RV in Schererville, IN.Located just 34 miles from Chicago, Rollin-On served thousands of customers in Southern Illinois, Indiana and surrounding states since opening its doors in 1977.Pete’s RV co-owner and treasurer Dave McGinnis explained the acquisition was an amicable one, “We’ve had a great, longstanding relationship with Rollin-On RV over the years. There’s lots of similarities in how we run our dealerships including being family operated. With owner Paul Craven looking to step out of the business after nearly 35 successful years, it definitely piqued our interest when the opportunity arose to buy Rollin-On.”Like Pete’s RV, Rollin-On RV was also a Keystone RV Company dealer, so Cougar, Montana, Passport, Sprinter and other popular brands of fifth wheels and travel trailers are now more widely available in the United States and Canada from Pete’s RV. McGinnis further explained, “With our Indiana location, Pete’s RV can expand and grow our customer base, providing the same excellent sales and service our Vermont, Northeast U.S and Canadian customers have enjoyed for almost 60 years.”Pete’s RV is retaining the services of the employees at Rollin-On RV. Kris Craven was named the general manager of the Indiana dealership and is excited about the dealership’s growth opportunities under Pete’s RV. “Knowing Pete’s RV as long as we have, the Indiana team and I are very much looking forward to combining our experience, plus the omnipresence of two dealerships, to reach a much larger community of RVers.”Pete’s RV Center-Indiana location details are available on’s RV Center is a recreational vehicle dealer with locations in South Burlington, VT and Schererville, IN. An RV sales and service provider since 1952, Pete’s RV Center is an exclusive Keystone RV Company dealer.Related blog post:…(link is external)last_img read more

Long Island Muslim Family Ejected from Empire State Building for Praying, Suit Says

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A Farmingville family was kicked out of the Empire State Building last summer after security guards told the parents they were not allowed to pray at the historic skyscraper’s famed observation deck, the Long Islanders alleged in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.The suit claims religious discrimination and negligence against Empire State Building Company LLC, and several other company’s associated with the towering building.The couple, Fahad and Amina Tirmizi, was “shamed, humiliated, and embarrassed in front of each other, their children and the general public,” according to the suit.The episode occurred when the couple had reached the observation deck, walked over to an isolated area and began to pray at about 11 p.m. on July 2, 2013, according to the suit. The couple took turns praying, but Fahad was interrupted when two security guards came over and informed him that “he was not allowed to pray while at the Observatory,” the suit alleges.One of the unnamed guards, the suit continues, proceeded to “menacingly” poke Fahad and then “raised his voice.”The couple and their two children were told to leave the premises and then were “forcibly” escorted to the elevator and eventually out of the Empire State Building, the suit alleges.“The claims are totally without merit and we will respond to them in court,” an Empire State Building Company spokesperson said in a statement.The couple was not made available for an interview. They are being represented by Brooklyn-based attorney Philip Hines of Held & Hines, LLP, who could not immediately be reached.The suit alleges, among other things, that the building’s operators and the security guards that they employ discriminated against the family because they are Muslim and were wearing traditional Muslim garb during their visit. The episode caused them to suffer physical, psychological and emotional injuries, according to the suit. Court documents did not specify if any monetary damages are being sought.last_img read more