Everything is ready Chinese domain universal represent the general trend

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft said that in the first 7 days after the release of the official version of the IE browser in the first 4 days, the amount of downloads has reached 3 million times. IE 7 has a lot of new features, such as support for transparent PNG, built-in news aggregator, etc., for Chinese users, the biggest advantage is that it supports the Chinese domain name. At this point, the Chinese domain name will enter the stage of popularity, the future use of Chinese domain names will be more reasonable norms. Back in 2000, CNNIC launched a global Chinese domain name service in the world. Today, Microsoft’s strong support, Chinese domain names in the Greater China region and even the global popularity has become a major trend.

"national top ten" and "national trustworthy unit" Internet Era (www.now.cn) as CNNIC (China Internet Information Technology Management Center) the Chinese >

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Foreign trade website why so keen on HostEase virtual host

in the Internet so developed today, e-commerce is not limited to the domestic, more and more people to join in the construction of foreign trade e-commerce. The HostEase American virtual host has become the first choice of these foreign trade master of the virtual host, then choose HostEase virtual host for foreign trade website what help?

we first look at the foreign trade website on the virtual host what requirements:

1 whether foreign websites or e-commerce websites need very stable virtual host or server, but also need faster access than the normal website, as we all know, the electronic commerce website pictures more than the general site access speed is slow, in order to increase the speed of user access experience, e-commerce website you must use the more common site faster virtual host or server. read more

28 department stores jointly launched the Tmall double O2O special


technology news November 3rd afternoon, November 1st, intime business, Wangfujing department store, Grandbuy and joy, 28 Department Store Group 317 stores officially involved in the two eleven shopping Carnival O2O special, as long as consumers open the Taobao mobile phone to go shopping, not only can eat double integration in eleven before and the day of completion of the online and offline drink purchase in eleven, can also enjoy double online after Carnival time.

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Jingdong 618 this year what is different

last year "618" was dubbed the history of the Jingdong the strongest anniversary month, but perhaps, this title is used to describe this year more appropriate: the most fierce and most widely participate in the promotion, the most brand category. This year is the tenth year of the development of the electricity supplier Jingdong business, we have pressure, but more power." Jingdong marketing senior vice president Xu Lei frankly. Although after 2 months of preparation, but in the face of their 100 million users, always calm the Jingdong is not so calm, saying "before" expectation and excitement in the eyes of Xu Lei. read more

Analysis of the new version of the 4 drilling exhibition should be how to play

The new version of

4 Diamond show in May 16th officially launched, the shop because running a long time, has become a 1000 store in the first opening, from the beginning of exploration to now has been basically familiar with the new features, it has been 4 days, this day will come with the old version and the new version of the comparison, to share the next version of the drill should show how to play.

first, the new version of the home page to increase the effect of today’s launch and history of the effect of contrast, you can choose any day of the data to do horizontal comparison. But I believe that if the plan is consistent every day, the same price is also the same price, the contrast is a little value, otherwise, the data will not be able to refer to the value of the. read more

List of DC service providers in Guangdong

    at the beginning of the site, Baidu many times, to find a lot of IDC service providers, after use, compared to feel the need to organize the content down, when you use the convenience, can quickly find the IDC service provider you need.
      in fact, only in Guangdong Province, there have been a lot of IDC service providers, which is divided into core operators, ordinary operators, a class of agents, ordinary agents and other levels. If the direct purchase service operators in the words, you will find that in general than the outside agent is more expensive, so I do not recommend you buy products directly in the operators above, when recommend you buy, you can find some agents, why choose an agent, rather than the general agent, agent the same products, different levels of agents can get different prices, sometimes an agent of the price, than the general agent to get the price even lower.
      we should pay attention to each agent which is the operators of the products and services, general agents are just selling products, and customer service service and technical support are provided by the operator, so the agent’s service and product quality are the same, and operators. The choice of when is the first major comparison operators strength size, service and technical conditions, and then select the operators under the agents will be able to obtain high-quality services at the same time, but also can obtain relatively low prices.
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A few examples of social marketing of e commerce website

recently, Twitter red day by day.

how do you use it? It is common practice: 1 to encourage consumers to follow company or company spokesman twitter (founder of twitter); 2 every day to see what tweets referred to the company name brand name, to understand the consumer.

Buy.com recent Campaign can learn from:

1 to customer Follow Buy.com Twitter

2 Buy.com will be released on Twitter one after another problem

3 the answer to each question is a product, you have to run to the Buy.com product page, there will be another problem read more

n the winter of the new Adsense buy platform A5 buy

2010 is the year of the domestic Internet group purchase group purchase website, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain erupted, while the A5 group purchase is attracted to the industry in the webmaster friends attention, A5 group purchase in fact very early, mainly is the first flat-share host, has now developed into a full product group purchase webmaster, today a brief talk about the A5 group purchase for a few webmaster interests.

1, save money

save money is the last word! The purpose of group buying is to let everyone buy cheap goods at a cheap price. Webmaster here is of course to buy their goods before prices Xinmu, hundreds of thousands of resources are now tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars you can buy! So many cash strapped owners can buy their love resources, to know the webmaster in many of them are not second occupation, or student life, money very tight, every input is live frugally. However, the development process of the site is to have a capital investment, and now has a A5 buy for the role of these owners can be self-evident. read more

Analysis Groupon Tencent cooperation base Tencent is its shareholders

Groupon through Tencent in China

January 17th news, according to foreign media reports, sources said, Groupon is working with Tencent to establish a partnership to accelerate its expansion in key Asian markets.

terms of trade are unknown, but are said to be involved in a joint venture. For Groupon, this is an important strategy to enter the Chinese market.

Groupon into the offshore market is usually the acquisition of the largest local group purchase website, and renamed Groupon, such as the acquisition of uBuyiBuy in December, Beeconomic, Atlaspost, Groupon, Groupon were named as Hongkong Singapore and Taiwan Groupon. read more

Biography Alibaba intends to B2B company intends to buy back YAHOO stake

Beijing time on February 10th, according to Reuters, two people familiar with the situation, Alibaba group plans to be listed on the Hongkong Alibaba B2B privatization.

informed sources, according to the trading plan, Alibaba group will use the proceeds of the loan and its own cash, as well as some of the assets, repurchase YAHOO held 40% of its shares.

due to wait for the parent company to release significant news, Alibaba B2B company on Thursday at the HKEx suspension.

YAHOO Holdings Alibaba shares valued at $14 billion, according to the current discussion of the plan, the Alibaba will repurchase 25% of the shares, the company plans to use the operating assets of a shares to pay 1/3 repurchase funds paid in cash, the rest. read more