Pakistan: Balochi journalists caught between army and rebels

first_img Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is alarmed to learn that two rebel groups in Balochistan, in southwestern Pakistan, have threatened to attack the province’s media if, by 24 October, they have not begun defying a Pakistani government ban on covering rebel activities. RSF condemns the rebel threats and ultimatum, which are unacceptable. At the same time, it calls on the civilian and military authorities to allow journalists to do their work. Defending the ultimatum, the BLF communiqué blames the local and national media for a “total news black-out” on Balochistan: “Attacks by the military keep on occurring but the foreign media are banned from the region and the local media are reduced to repeating the official version put out by the government and army, according to which everything is fine.” June 2, 2021 Find out more News Around 40 journalists have been murdered since the start of the current conflict in 2006. Impunity is the rule. Few of the cases have led to prosecutions. to go further “Total news black-out” Balochistan’s journalists are caught between threats from rebel groups (screen capture, left) and pressure from the security forces (Photo: Banaras Khan / AFP). In a statement posted on the Urdu-language Daily Sangar website (, BLF spokesman Gahram Baloch said journalists will be exposed to “avoidable harm” of they do not start “behaving.” Help by sharing this information Pakistani supreme court acquits main suspect in Daniel Pearl murder “The violent nature of these threats is intolerable, especially as the situation of Balochistan’s journalists has been untenable for years, and we appeal to the rebel groups to immediately renounce any act of violence against journalists,” said Daniel Bastard, the head of RSF’s Asia-Pacific desk. “This absurd situation would not exist if the Pakistani civilian and military authorities did not violate media freedom by preventing journalists from doing their job in this region. Pakistan must lift the obstacles to the free flow of information throughout its territory and must of course guarantee journalists’ safety.” Hundreds of people die every year in this remote province’s low-intensity conflict. But it is one of the least covered armed conflicts in the world because the Balochi media are forbidden by the Pakistani authorities to even mention the existence of the province’s armed separatist groups. Organisation “Distribution of newspapers will be suspended in the region after the deadline,” the statement said. “And we warn journalists to stay away from their offices and press clubs. Media workers will be to blame for any harm they suffer.” Khalil Ahmad, the head of the Balochistan Union of Journalists, confirmed to RSF’s Pakistan representative that the provincial authorities regard the rebel groups as “terrorists” and forbid any mention of them in the media. All possible means are used to force compliance, starting with economic pressure, to which for many local newspapers are particularly susceptible because state advertising constitutes their main source of income. Impunitycenter_img April 21, 2021 Find out more So it is high time the federal and regional authorities took concrete measures to protect journalists and overhauled policy on media freedom in Balochistan, which is completely blocked. As an editorial in the leading national daily Dawn said: “Not being dead is a victory in today’s Balochistan if you are a journalist.” Pakistani TV anchor censored after denouncing violence against journalists PakistanAsia – Pacific Condemning abusesProtecting journalistsMedia independence Judicial harassmentEconomic pressureArmed conflictsImpunityPredatorsViolenceFreedom of expression News RSF added Balochistan’s armed groups to its list of “Press Freedom Predators” in 2013. Pakistan’s intelligence services are on the latest list, published in 2016. Pakistan is ranked 139th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2017 World Press Freedom Index. Follow the news on Pakistan PakistanAsia – Pacific Condemning abusesProtecting journalistsMedia independence Judicial harassmentEconomic pressureArmed conflictsImpunityPredatorsViolenceFreedom of expression As a result, two of these groups, the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and the United Baloch Army (UBA), issued an ultimatum at the start of the month giving all of the province’s journalists until 24 October to start covering their activities. October 19, 2017 Pakistan: Balochi journalists caught between army and rebels RSF_en Judicial pressure is also used. Since 2008, a total of 11 reporters and editors have been given jail sentences for defying the ban on referring to rebel groups. And finally, there has been physical intimidation, violence and torture by the intelligence services, which are often accused of brutality. Pakistani journalist critical of the military wounded by gunfire Receive email alerts News News January 28, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Manhattan, San Francisco Least Affordable U.S. Markets

first_img Manhattan, San Francisco Least Affordable U.S. Markets Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Previous: Steady 2018 RMBS Market Still Holds Risks Next: How Tax Reform Will Affect American Companies Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Affordability affordability ratio Home Prices Income manhattan point2 homes San Francisco vancouver 2017-12-08 Staff Writer Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago in Daily Dose, Featured, Journal, Market Studies, News The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Home / Daily Dose / Manhattan, San Francisco Least Affordable U.S. Markets Share Save  Print This Post Related Articles The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Vancouver, Manhattan, and San Francisco top the list of North America’s least affordable housing markets, according to a new study by Point2 Homes.Point2 Homes’ examined the 50 largest markets in North America and created an “affordability ratio” by dividing median home sale price by the yearly median income for that area. Put simply, Point2 Homes affordability ratio estimates how long it would take to pay off a median home in each of the markets, if a homebuyer were somehow able to put their entire annual income toward paying off that total.In both Manhattan and San Francisco—the second and third most unaffordable markets in North America, respectively, according to the report—the median home selling prices are both in the neighborhood of $1.2 million. However, the median family income for each city is different. In Manhattan, it’s ($77,559), meaning it would take approximately 15.6 years to pay off a median home. In San Francisco, the median income is significantly higher at $92,094, meaning a median home could be paid off in 13.8 years. Given that pretty much no one is capable of funneling their entire annual income solely toward housing, this should give you an idea of just how unaffordable these cities actually are.Brooklyn, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Jose, Seattle, and San Diego round out the rest of the top 10 most unaffordable North American cities.There are many contributors to affordability, not the least of which is availability. In the decade following the economic crisis of 2007-08, the number of potential home buyers grew but inventories shrank, adversely affecting first-time buyers. As demand exceeded supply, the advantage belonged to sellers.In Manhattan, first-time buyers have been affected by persistently low inventory, and prices have also been driven up more than 30 percent by rising development costs and a trend toward more luxury buildings. The situation in San Francisco is a little different. The median income there is the nation’s highest, so the market may not be as susceptible if the mortgage deduction is cut, but there remains concern about the impact of the federal tax reduction plan, and inventories there also have remained low.On the other end of the spectrum, Detroit takes the distinction of being the most affordable market in North America. The median home price in the Motor City is $48,000. Unfortunately, the median family income is only $25,980. With those numbers, a family putting all their income toward paying off a median home in Detroit could do so in less than two years.You can explore the rest of Point2 Homes’ data, and find out where your city ranks in home affordability, by clicking here. Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago December 8, 2017 1,388 Views Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago Sign up for DS News Daily Tagged with: Affordability affordability ratio Home Prices Income manhattan point2 homes San Francisco vancouver About Author: Staff Writer Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Subscribelast_img read more

SMC begins club for food allergies

first_imgSaint Mary’s freshman Megan Steron is one of two million people in the United States living with celiac disease, a digestive disorder that damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. Her intolerance to gluten, a protein in wheat, rye and barley, makes eating on a college campus a challenge. “About two weeks into school, I was sitting in the dining hall by myself, trying to eat a measly salad since there was nothing else agreeable for me to eat that day,” Steron said. “After about five minutes, I knew I had to do something about it, not just for myself, but for all the girls at Saint Mary’s that want and need more options for their food sensitivities.” Steron decided to establish Dining Hall Divas, a club for Saint Mary’s students suffering from celiac disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and food allergies. “This club is for those who share common [lists] of food that they can and cannot eat,” she said. Steron and the Divas will be working closely with the dining hall staff to ensure the needs of students with special dietary requirements are met consistently. They will also be communicating with the College’s food providers to ensure ingredient information is accurate and clear. Steron said she hopes to program tutorials for the dining hall staff focusing on basic food safety, covering topics such as changing gloves after working with allergy-triggering foods. In the long term, she hopes to also expand options available to those with restricted diets. “I really wanted to start this club up because I’m one of those girls who has a hard time finding something substantial enough to eat in the dining hall without having a bad reaction to it,” Steron said. The club has established a website to keep students informed on the group’s work and the progress of dietary accommodations at the College. “We have a website for the Dining Hall Divas, which is linked to the Saint Mary’s page, where any student, prospective or current, can see the strides we are making for a more gluten-free environment here,” she said. Steron said the club has met with dining hall staff three times and has already drawn out some possible improvements. Interested students can contact Steron at [email protected]last_img read more

Scott Israel Files Federal Lawsuit to Be Reinstated as Broward’s Sheriff

first_imgFormer Broward Sheriff Scott Israel has filed a federal complaint against Governor Ron DeSantis, after the Florida Senate voted last month not to reinstate him as sheriff.The lawsuit seeks Israel’s reinstatement on the grounds that the state Senate’s removal decision was purely a partisan action.According to the lawsuit, the Senate “changed the rules” to allow a “trial by ambush.” In addition, the lawsuit claims that DeSantis failed to prove any allegations of neglect of duty or incompetence to justify Israel’s removal. Ben Kuehne, one of Israel’s lawyers, “The Senate charade was nothing more than a carefully scripted scheme to subvert Due Process by creating new allegations and presenting false facts to remove this Democrat from Sheriff of Broward County as preparations for the 2020 election are underway. The harm done to the Constitution by taking away the power of the people to elect their officials is frightening.” Earlier this year, Governor DeSantis issued an order to have Israel removed as Broward’s sheriff.In April, a Broward Circuit judge ruled that DeSantis had acted within his authority. However, Florida Senate special master Dudley Goodlette recommended in September that Israel be reinstated.Israel also filed paperwork last July to run for re-election as sheriff in next year’s Democratic primary.last_img read more

US plans to enforce visa restrictions for pregnant women

first_imgThe Trump administration is planning to come out with new visa restrictions aimed at restricting “birth tourism,” in which women travel to the U.S. to give birth so their children can have legal status.Under the new rules it would make it more difficult for pregnant women to travel on a tourist visa. Women would have to convince a consular officer that they have another legitimate reason to come to the U.S.Consular officers would have to determine whether a visa applicant would be coming to the U.S. primarily to give birth.Reports say, birth tourism has been a ongoing for a long time now, and has even become a money-making business. There have been multiple arrests for operators of birth tourism agencies for visa fraud or tax evasion.Although coming to the U.S. to give birth is fundamentally legal, the draft rule is “intended to address the national security and law enforcement risks associated with birth tourism, including criminal activity associated with the birth tourism industry,” a State Department spokesperson said.last_img read more

Sen. Rick Scott Asks CDC for More Info on Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus

first_imgThe World Health Organization is holding off on declaring the coronavirus a global health emergency.The WHO held an emergency meeting yesterday in Switzerland and plans to meet again today on the matter and are closely monitoring the “public health event.”Scott also asked Redfield to release more information about the federal government’s public health measures against the virus in coordination with state and local health officials.China’s most recent release of information places the death toll at 17, and reports doctors are treating 544 cases. Virologists are concerned there could be more unreported cases since some of the people infected only show mild symptoms.According to the CDC’s Tuesday report, the coronavirus patient in the U.S. is a man in his 30s who had returned to Seattle from Wuhan and remained in isolation at the Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett.Chinese officials will start a quarantine in Wuhan on Thursday. Sen. Rick Scott is asking the CDC to “take swift action” against a deadly cross-border outbreak of a new strain of the coronavirus, which started its human-to-human transmission in central China. Scott sent CDC Director Robert Redfield a letter expressing his concern over the accuracy of the information that Chinese health officials have released since the cluster of respiratory infections was linked to animals at a market in Wuhan.There is no vaccine or specific treatment for the virus, which officials said has already spread to Washington State, Thailand, Japan, Macao and South Korea. Sen. Scott is asking the CDC for more information.“China is rarely forthcoming,” Scott wrote on Twitter.Today, I’m urging the @CDCgov to take swift action to combat the threat of the #coronavirus & protect the health of Americans.China is rarely forthcoming, & I’m extremely concerned about the outbreak, which has already infected hundreds, including at least one person in the US.— Rick Scott (@SenRickScott) January 22, 2020last_img read more


first_imgMario Gutierrez on winning his 1,000th race: “The 1,000 wins mean a lot to me. It’s been a helluva run. Two Kentucky Derby wins, two Breeders’ Cups, the Preakness…It’s been amazing. I never thought I’d be at this level, so I’m very happy.”last_img


first_imgFormer Donegal All-Ireland winning manager Jim McGuinness is to release one of the most eagerly-awaited sports books of 2015.Jim McGuinness is to reveal all in a new book.The book entitled ‘Until Victory Always’ will be published on on October 23 this year, just over a year since making the decision to step down as Donegal manager.The book, set to be a best-seller, looks set to lift the lift on one of the great sporting stories in Irish sporting history. It is not known if McGuinness will tackle the controversial dropping of Kevin Cassidy or the inner secrets of the Donegal camp.But the book looks set to be a huge money-spinner for the Glenties man and will literally walk off the shelves.The synopsis of the book reads: “When Jim McGuinness took over as manager of the Donegal senior football team in the autumn of 2010, they’d been dismissed as a joke; a bunch of dilettantes too fond of the night life. When he stepped down four years later, they had won three Ulster championships, the 2012 All-Ireland title and contested the 2014 All-Ireland final against Kerry.“This is the story of how he combined a unique vision and ferocious drive to create a powerful and disciplined team that bucked history and defied every expectation.“McGuinness sent a shockwave through Gaelic games by devising an approach which polarised opinion and forced fans, players and managers alike to look at the game differently. From the outside, what Donegal were doing appeared mysterious, dark and fearsome. “Here, and for the first time, McGuinness reveals what life was like inside the Donegal camp and reflects on the decisions and experiences that propelled his players to the summit of the sport.“A moving and honest meditation on the nature of sportsmanship, dedication and what it means to lead, Until Victory Always is an honest and inspiring account of achievement in the face of incredible adversity.”McGuinness continued in his role as an adviser at Glasgow Celtic since his departure from Donegal and the Glenties man has also taken up a role as a GAA pundit with Sky Sports this year. McGUINNESS TO TELL ALL ABOUT LIFE INSIDE DONEGAL GAA IN NEW BOOK was last modified: June 25th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalGAAJim McGuinnessnew bookSportlast_img read more

Donegal dancers win World Championship titles

first_imgFour Irish dancers received a heroes’ welcome in Donegal Town last night after achieving major success at the WIDA World Championships this Easter.Crowds lined the streets to celebrate the triumphs of Scoil Rince Tir Chonaill dancers Katie Gillespie, Ailis O Gara, Ruth Gillespie and Aoife Doherty. The team proudly brought two world champion titles and 10 world medals home to Donegal from Sunday’s WIDA World Irish Dance Competition in Eindhoven.Aoife Doherty, Katie Gillespie, Ruth Gillespie and Ailis O Gara at the WIDA World Irish Dance Competition in Eindhoven, 21st April 2019Katie Gillespie, was crowned U20 World Champion while Ailis O Gara won the U25 World title. Ruth Gillespie (Katie’s sister) defended her second place title to win an impressive Silver in the  U23 category. Aoife Doherty also brought home a world medal from her first World competition.Ailis O Gara, Katie and Ruth Gillespie at the WIDA World Irish Dance Competition in Eindhoven, 21st April 2019Aoife Doherty at the WIDA World Irish Dance Competition in Eindhoven, 21st April 2019The four young women were welcomed home to Donegal Town on Thursday with a special parade and party in their beloved Reel Inn.Ruth, Ailis, Aoife and Katie in The Reel Inn. Photo: Scoil Rince Tir ChonaillTheir teacher Sarah Gillespie, who is Ruth and Katie’s sister, said the World Globe titles will be a great source of pride for many years to come in Donegal.Sarah told Donegal Daily: “The event took place over four days and was attended by competitors from all over the world. WIDA, the organisation which held the event, is one of numerous Irish Dance federations that held World Championships this Easter. WIDA, which is a relatively new organisation founded only in 2004, prides itself on its friendly and welcoming culture where competition stays on the stage. Off the stage every dancer and parent are part of the WIDA family and we’re delighted to be welcoming World Champions back to Donegal Town!” Katie, Sarah and Ruth GillespieDonegal dancers win World Championship titles was last modified: April 26th, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Scoil Rince Tir ChonaillWIDA World Championshipslast_img read more

Plants of concern to livestock in summer

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest It seems like one of those years when growing conditions start off great but then we move into dry and hot conditions at the peak of summer. With such conditions we will have an increased potential for livestock poisonings. As summer progresses the preferred forages for grazing dry up and become less available and animals are forced to consume plants they might otherwise not eat. Therefore, there are recognizable circumstances like drought, overgrazing, nitrogen fertilization and summer storms that all have the potential to contribute to livestock poisoning. So what are some plants of concern for grazing livestock during these dry conditions in Ohio?Buttercup: Beautiful small yellow flowers are common in pastures. Buttercup starts blooming in June and produces many typically bright yellow flowers of five or more petals with flowers spreading .75-inch to one-inch in width.Tall buttercup and creeping buttercup are very aggressive perennials in pastures and can quickly overtake the field. Buttercup contains a bitter, irritating oil called protoanemonin that is poisonous to livestock. The toxicity is reported to vary depending on plant age, growing conditions and freshness of the forage. The oil in fresh plant stems cause irritation and blistering of the skin, lining of the mouth and of the digestive tract. Thankfully, buttercup does not taste good so animals avoid it if possible. In dry conditions this may be one of the few green plants available and livestock are more likely to eat it. The toxic oil evaporates quickly, so hay containing buttercup is not toxic. NightshadeIn Eastern Ohio, horsenettle, groundcherry, black and bittersweet nightshade are most common. Some quantity of nightshade can be found in many pastures and are usually left alone. Consequently, nightshade populations slowly begin to occupy larger and larger portions of a pasture. During a drought livestock will consume the leaf and berries of these plants and they can be deadly. Dogbane and milkweedThese are closely related perennial plants commonly found in pastures and hay fields. If you have ever removed a leaf from these plants you will notice a very sticky white milky substance. The leaves and stems of these plants are considered toxic when fresh or dried. These plants don’t mind a little dry weather and consequently become more attractive to livestock during these conditions. Jimson weedThis is a summer annual that looks more like a small shrub with reddish stem. You often see this plant around brush piles, hay feeding areas and barn lots. The fruit of this plant is encased in a very sharp and spiny outer covering. The leaf is large, waxy and looks something like an oak leaf. This plant is very common and not often eaten. The tropane alkaloids in this plant and seeds are considered extremely toxic when fresh, dried or in silage. Black locust treeThe black locust is a common and fast growing tree. It has sharp short spines and small, oval, fern- like arrangements of leaves. It is common along fence rows and livestock may have grazed in these areas for years with no apparent problem. In dry conditions root sprouts can become prominent in adjacent pasture fields. Young inquisitive animals may find this plant palatable. The bark and new growth are the most toxic. Yew or taxis evergreen shrubSo you needed to trim the bushes, and you thought you would help the livestock by providing a little extra fodder? Hope it wasn’t a yew. These evergreen shrubs with flat needles and a red berry are readily consumed by livestock and are highly toxic. These shrubs are poisonous wet or dried.As we move into dryer conditions be aware of your forage availability and identify plants which may be of concern. We have only mentioned a few plants and there are many you should know. Watch your livestock closely, daily observing for signs of distress contact you veterinarian immediately if you suspect plant poisoning.last_img read more