Suspected Russian hack fuels new US action on cybersecurity

first_img TAGS  Facebook Suspected Russian hack fuels new US action on cybersecurity By Digital AIM Web Support – February 19, 2021 Twitter WhatsApp WhatsApp Twittercenter_img Pinterest Facebook WASHINGTON (AP) — Jolted by a sweeping hack that may have revealed government and corporate secrets to Russia, U.S. officials are scrambling to reinforce the nation’s cyber defenses and recognizing that an agency created two years ago to protect America’s networks and infrastructure lacks the money, tools and authority to counter such sophisticated threats. The breach, which hijacked widely used software from Texas-based SolarWinds Inc., has exposed the profound vulnerability of civilian government networks and the limitations of efforts to detect threats. It’s also likely to unleash a wave of spending on technology modernization and cybersecurity. “It’s really highlighted the investments we need to make in cybersecurity to have the visibility to block these attacks in the future,” Anne Neuberger, the newly appointed deputy national security adviser for cyber and emergency technology said Wednesday at a White House briefing. The reaction reflects the severity of a hack that was disclosed only in December. The hackers, as yet unidentified but described by officials as “likely Russian,” had unfettered access to the data and email of at least nine U.S. government agencies and about 100 private companies, with the full extent of the compromise still unknown. And while this incident appeared to be aimed at stealing information, it heightened fears that future hackers could damage critical infrastructure, like electrical grids or water systems. President Joe Biden plans to release an executive order soon that Neuberger said will include about eight measures intended to address security gaps exposed by the hack. The administration has also proposed expanding by 30% the budget of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, or CISA, a little-known entity now under intense scrutiny because of the SolarWinds breach. Biden, making his first major international speech Friday to the Munich Security Conference, said that dealing with “Russian recklessness and hacking into computer networks in the United States and across Europe and the world has become critical to protecting our collective security.” Republicans and Democrats in Congress have called for expanding the size and role of the agency, a component of the Department of Homeland Security. It was created in November 2018 amid a sense that U.S. adversaries were increasingly targeting civilian government and corporate networks as well as the “critical” infrastructure, such as the energy grid that is increasingly vulnerable in a wired world. Speaking at a recent hearing on cybersecurity, Rep. John Katko, a Republican from New York, urged his colleagues to quickly “find a legislative vehicle to give CISA the resources it needs to fully respond and protect us.” Biden’s COVID-19 relief package called for $690 million more for CISA, as well as providing the agency with $9 billion to modernize IT across the government in partnership with the General Services Administration. That has been pulled from the latest version of the bill because some members didn’t see a connection to the pandemic. But Rep. Jim Langevin, co-chair of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, said additional funding for CISA is likely to reemerge with bipartisan support in upcoming legislation, perhaps an infrastructure bill. “Our cyber infrastructure is every bit as important as our roads and bridges,” Langevin, a Rhode Island Democrat, said in an interview. “It’s important to our economy. It’s important to protecting human life, and we need to make sure we have a modern and resilient cyber infrastructure.” CISA operates a threat-detection system known as “Einstein” that was unable to detect the SolarWinds breach. Brandon Wales, CISA’s acting director, said that was because the breach was hidden in a legitimate software update from SolarWinds to its customers. After it was able to identify the malicious activity, the system was able to scan federal networks and identify some government victims. “It was designed to work in concert with other security programs inside the agencies,” he said. The former head of CISA, Christopher Krebs, told the House Homeland Security Committee this month that the U.S. should increase support to the agency, in part so it can issue grants to state and local governments to improve their cybersecurity and accelerate IT modernization across the federal government, which is part of the Biden proposal. “Are we going to stop every attack? No. But we can take care of the most common risks and make the bad guys work that much harder and limit their success,” said Krebs, who was ousted by then-President Donald Trump after the election and now co-owns a consulting company whose clients include SolarWinds. The breach was discovered in early December by the private security firm FireEye, a cause of concern for some officials. “It was pretty alarming that we found out about it through a private company as opposed to our being able to detect it ourselves to begin with,” Avril Haines, the director of national intelligence, said at her January confirmation hearing. Right after the hack was announced, the Treasury Department bypassed its normal competitive contracting process to hire the private security firm CrowdStrike, U.S. contract records show. The department declined to comment. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., has said that dozens of email accounts of top officials at the agency were hacked. The Social Security Administration hired FireEye to do an independent forensic analysis of its network logs. The agency had a “backdoor code” installed like other SolarWinds customers, but “there were no indicators suggesting we were targeted or that a future attack occurred beyond the initial software installation,” spokesperson Mark Hinkle said. Sen. Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the hack has highlighted several failures at the federal level but not necessarily a lack of expertise by public sector employees. Still, “I doubt we will ever have all the capacity we’d need in-house,” he said. There have been some new cybersecurity measures taken in recent months. In the defense policy bill that passed in January, lawmakers created a national director of cybersecurity, replacing a position at the White House that had been cut under Trump, and granted CISA the power to issue administrative subpoenas as part of its efforts to identify vulnerable systems and notify operators. The legislation also granted CISA increased authority to hunt for threats across the networks of civilian government agencies, something Langevin said they were only previously able to do when invited. “In practical terms, what that meant is they weren’t invited in because no department or agency wants to look bad,” he said. “So you know what was happening? Everyone was sticking their heads in the sand and hoping that cyberthreats were going to go away.” ——— Suderman reported from Richmond, Va. Pinterest Local NewsBusinessStateUS News Previous articleKioxia e Western Digital anunciam memória flash 3D de 6ª geraçãoNext articleMarcus Judie Digital AIM Web Supportlast_img read more

Neotel introduces consumer services

first_img6 April 2008South African second landline operator Neotel has introduced its first set of products and services for individuals, with the company’s NeoConnect Prime bundle being introduced to its employees residing in parts of Johannesburg and Pretoria following a successful pilot phase.The company initially intends to address those consumers who had already approached Neotel and had registered for services during the pilot phase, though a formal announcement, with a wider range of bundle options, will be made during the course of this month.In a statement released last week, Neotel said that the bundle, which had undergone commercial testing since March, was designed after conducting in-depth consumer research.“We picked up a number of pain points for consumers during this research process, including the issues relating to the perceived speed and capacities for internet access, lack of voice quality and reliability, the complexity associated with obtaining and setting-up services and a lack of true value for the customer,” said Neotel MD Ajay Pandey.“We believe that we have addressed these points in the design of our offering to consumers.”The NeoConnect bundle uses a CDMA2000 EVDO network to handle a number of different tasks such as internet access, voice and SMS over a single connection and service, providing customers with high-speed internet access and combining the best of fixed-line and mobile technologies.The current peak speed offered is 2.4 megabits per second and Neotel expects an average user experience ranging between 300 to 700 kilobits per second, with future upgrades ensuring even faster speeds brought to the market.“A key differentiator in our product is its ease of use – it will take you next to no time to install and start using the service”, said Pandey.This first bundle introduced by Neotel includes 1 000 Neotel to Neotel voice minutes, 50 Neotel to Neotel SMS’s, an email account and free internet access up to 10 gigabytes of data for a monthly charge of R599, inclusive of all monthly fees such as device charges and service rentals, as well as VAT.The only charges that consumers will have to pay in addition to the monthly fee will be the out of bundle usage charges which are summarised in the table below.“This is just the first of a number of packages we will bring to the market and we believe that customers will not only find value in what we offer, but will be able to choose a package that best meets their needs,” said Pandey. “There will be packages that address lower usage and are therefore lower in price, and then of course there will be those packages that directly speak to high-end consumers.”SAinfo reporter Would you like to use this article in your publicationor on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

FFA Camp Muskingum moving forward with a new facility

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest A common message students hear while at Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum is one of perseverance and setting goals to reach new heights. This mentality was on display as the camp broke ground for the addition of the new Muskingum Discovery Center on Friday, Sept. 25.The Timken Foundation of Canton, the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, the Stark Community Foundation, Farm Credit Mid-America and many other donors and special guests including 150 first year FFA members attending the first session of Greenhand camp were in attendance to witness and celebrate the ground breaking of the 9,500-square foot, two-story building.“The Muskingum Discovery Center would not be possible without the generous support we have received from our donors and the support from the community,” said Todd Davis, Camp Director of Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum.The 2015-2016 Ohio FFA State President, Matthew Klopfenstein, spoke on behalf of Ohio FFA members and presented a Discovery Center Project Update at the banquet that took place before the shovels hit the ground.“Camp is more than just a facility,” Klopfenstein said. “Attending camp kick-started my FFA career and has done the same for many others. The addition of the Discovery Center will increase camp’s influence on youth and also in the community.”The estimated cost for the building is $1,650,000 with additional project costs of $850,000 for parking, equipment, road improvements and related project expenses totaling $2.5 million. FFA Camp Muskingum has received statewide support from local FFA chapters, the Camp board, the Ohio FFA Foundation and individual donors.“We are very happy to support this center because it means so much to the area, but more importantly to the State of Ohio,” said Rose Geib, Grant and Operations Coordinator for the Timken Foundation of Canton. “It brings so many students in and does such a fine job with the youth that this is going to make an impact. The foundation likes to support projects where an impact is important.”Additional funding support from local and state legislators, the agriculture industry, farmers, collaborating partners, agricultural and nonprofit agencies, other funders, families and individuals will be needed to reach the end goal.“The hope is the word will get out to individuals who have a relationship with FFA, and more importantly some of those folks who have memories of camp,” Davis said. “We hope they see the vision we have for camp and want to have a part of making it a reality.”The new facility will be able to provide the space needed for large banquets, community events and educational workshops. Features of the building include a large open assembly hall area with a stage, educational displays and an interactive nature center with expanded programming and interactive live animal displays.“Many qualities of the new building will benefit camp,” Davis said. “A wonderful facility for the existing groups that attend camp will be provided, but I think it opens up new opportunities for us to bring in new individuals and groups. We will be able to provide banquet facilities for the community and provide higher educational opportunities for people in the area.”Camp Muskingum has worked closely with the Muskingum County Watershed Conservancy District to approve construction beginning this fall with a goal of opening the building in the late fall of 2016.“All of the preliminary drawings and plans have been approved,” said Donnie Borland, Muskingum County Watershed Conservancy District Deputy Chief of Police Operations. “We work closely with Camp Muskingum with improvements and projects taking place to make sure everything is good to go with the requirements of the Muskingum County Watershed. It is a pretty easy task because they do a great job.”Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum is available to all 24,800 FFA members across the state.  Many different school systems and groups also use the camp for a various educational, team building and recreational activities throughout the year.“The addition of the Discovery Center is a big step,” Davis said. “But it is going to be an awesome step with all support we have received. It will open up a lot of doors to help make what camp does now even better.”How You Can Help:If you are interested donating or volunteering to help complete this exciting project, please contact Todd Davis, Camp Director, at (330) 627-2208 or [email protected] for a donation form and information. Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum is a 501C(3) non-profit so all donations are tax deductible.last_img read more

Knockoff Alert: Introducing the Yongnuo 35mm F/2

first_imgAperture Rangef/2-22 Anti-Reflective CoatingYes AutofocusYes Aperture Blades7 We haven’t yet found any test images from the Yongnuo 35mm f/2 to see if it’s going to be a useful alternative to its name brand counterpart, but if the other lenses in the Yongnuo line are anything like this one? It’s safe to say that it’s probably going to be a decent alternative. Petapixel declared the Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 to be aesthetically a better lens. Pricing and AvailabilityThe Yongnuo 35mm F/2 lens is currently going for $280 on ebay for buy-it-now and is available for shipping immediately. Some of the lenses are also available for auction, so you might be able to pick one up for less than $280. Want to learn more about Yongnuo or other knockoff gear? Check out a few of the following posts:Yongnuo 50mm f/1.4: The Chinese Knockoff You’ve Been Waiting ForHow to Spot Counterfeit Camera GearHow to Spot a Fake Canon BatterySo, which is it? Yongnuo 35mm new or Canon 35mm used? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Closest Focusing Distance0.25m/0.8ft Lens Construction5 Groups Like knockoff lenses? Here’s another cheap one to add to your arsenal.If you’re not already familiar, the camera manufacturing company Yongnuo is famous for creating highly detailed knockoff camera equipment that’s sold on the market at a fraction of the cost. Up until last year, Yongnuo mainly focused on still photography equipment like speedlights and wireless triggers. However, in an effort to expand their reach, Yongnuo has decided to start selling lenses — lenses that bear a striking resemblance to Canon lenses. So far Yongnuo has created a 50mm f/1.4 and a 50mm f/1.8, both of which are almost identical to the Canon counterparts in every way except quality. The knockoff business must be booming, because Yongnuo has decided to release their latest lens — the 35mm f/2 — which is designed to be very similar to the Canon 35mm f/2, a lens that has been on the market for some time now. While the new lens certainly isn’t groundbreaking, it is amazing in the fact that it has very similar specs at a small fraction of the price. To put it in perspective, a new Canon 35mm f/2 costs about $550, whereas the new Yongnuo 35mm f/2 costs $280. Sure, the Yongnuo will likely not be as sharp or accurate as the Canon, but for half the price it’s really not a bad deal. With a used Canon 35mm f/2 going for a similar price (if not cheaper) on ebay, a new question has emerged: Is a new Yongnuo better than a used Canon?Yongnuo 35mm f/2 AF Lens Focal Length35mmlast_img read more

20 days agoMan Utd boss Solskjaer ready to roll dice on Juventus veteran Mandzukic

first_imgMan Utd boss Solskjaer ready to roll dice on Juventus veteran Mandzukicby Paul Vegas20 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is ready to roll the dice on Juventus veteran Mario Mandzukic.Since his permanent appointment to the United hotseat in March, Solskjaer has young, hungry British players, in a move away from recruiting star names, says the Mirror.In the summer, United signed centre-half Harry Maguire from Leicester City, right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka from Crystal Palace , and winger Daniel James from Swansea.United were also in talks over signing Mandzukic, and are to renew their pursuit of the 33-year-old after their failure to sign replacements for Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez left Solskjaer came back to bite them.The gamble backfired after first-choice forwards Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial were both injured, leaving 17-year-old Mason Greenwood to lead the line. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Newmans Own Foundation Honors Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole For Their Longtime

first_imgNewman’s Own Foundation, founded by the late actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, honored Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole for their commitment to public service and especially their devoted leadership and support of veterans.An announcement was made at a special reception held in the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC and attended by members of Congress, veterans, and organizations supporting veterans.In honor of the Doles, the Foundation is committing $6.7 million in support of military men and women, veterans, and their families. With this pledge, the total support for veterans from Newman’s Own Foundation and Newman’s Own exceeds $18.5 million since 2010.“The freedoms and opportunities we enjoy as Americans cannot be taken for granted. The men and women of our military, veterans, and their families deserve our enduring gratitude and support,” said Bob Forrester, President and CEO of Newman’s Own Foundation and Executive Chairman of Newman’s Own, Inc. “Today we pay tribute to these men and women, and the nonprofit organizations and volunteers who provide special services and support to them. No two individuals better exemplify in their public and private lives this spirit of service and common good, especially for our veterans, than Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole. It is a very special privilege for us to honor them for all that they have done and continue to do.”Senator Bob Dole served our nation both on and off the battlefield. He is a decorated veteran of World War II and the recipient of numerous awards for his commitment and service to veterans. Senator Elizabeth Dole has helped military caregivers through the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, focused on supporting military caregivers and bringing crucial resources to help these hidden heroes.Newman’s Own Foundation is providing grants to 26 nonprofit organizations around the country that assist veterans and their families. These organizations provide a wide variety of support to veterans, including education, career development, mentoring, guide dogs, adaptive vehicles, and other services.The Elizabeth Dole Foundation is one of the grant recipients. Funds will help support the creation of the Dole Caregiver Fellow Professional Development Training Program. A special grant is also being provided to Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation for the training of guide dogs and the placement of these dogs with blind veterans.“Paul Newman volunteered to serve in the United States Naval Air Corps in World War II, and we are pleased to continue our longstanding support of military service organizations in his honor,” said Forrester, who served in Vietnam as an Army officer.The 26 nonprofits receiving grants as part of the $6.7 million commitment from Newman’s Own Foundation are listed below:Applied Behavioral Rehabilitation Institute (Bridgeport, CT) 
Bunker Incubator NFP (Chicago, IL) 
Caring for Military Families The Elizabeth Dole Foundation (Washington, DC)
Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (Hartford, CT) 
Dog Tag Bakery (Washington, DC) 
Farmer Veteran Coalition (Davis, CA) 
Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation (Wilton, CT) 
Head Strong Project, Inc. (New York, NY) 
Help Our Military Heroes (Easton, CT) 
IVMF at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) 
Operation Opportunity Foundation – Warrior-Scholar Project (Washington, DC) 
Patriot Boot Camp (Denver, CO) 
Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN) 
Regents of the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) 
Rodale Institute (Kutztown, PA) 
Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation (San Ramon, CA) 
Service to School (San Francisco, CA) 
St Joseph’s University (Philadelphia, PA) 
Jonas Project (Laguna Woods, CA) 
The Posse Foundation (New York, NY) 
UCLA Foundation – Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (Los Angeles, CA) 
University of Connecticut Foundation – Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (Storrs, CT) 
University of Minnesota Foundation (Minneapolis, MN) 
Veterans Healing Farm (Hendersonville, NC) 
Women’s Business Development Center (Chicago, IL) 
Work Vessels for Veterans (Noank, CT)For more information about the Foundation’s support of veterans programs, click here.last_img read more

Ohio State womens volleyball drops Big Ten opener in 5 sets to

Members of the OSU women’s volleyball team huddle before a game against Minnesota on Sept. 23 at St. John Arena. OSU lost 3-2.Credit: Sarah Mikati / Lantern PhotographerOn Wednesday evening at St. John Arena, the No.12 Ohio State women’s volleyball team opened Big Ten play with a loss at home, falling to No. 21 Minnesota in five sets (22-25, 12-25, 25-23, 25-19, 11-15).Both OSU (11-2, 0-1) and Minnesota (9-2, 1-0) came into the game on extended winning streaks. The Buckeyes had not lost since their opening match against Wyoming and the Golden Gophers came into the game having won eight straight matches.Minnesota won the first two sets of the night as it attempted to win its eighth straight game without dropping a single set. Minnesota gained leads of 4-1 and 15-2 in the first and second sets, respectively, forcing the Buckeyes to play from behind. OSU did not hold a lead at any point until midway through the third set.But OSU battled back, winning the hotly contested third and fourth sets before ultimately falling in the fifth.“We fought back and for as bad as we were the first two sets, we could have rolled over and died, but we didn’t. So, I’m proud of my team for that,” OSU coach Geoff Carlston said, finding a positive in the loss.However, Carlston said he was disappointed that the Buckeyes fell behind by such a wide margin early, a hole they were unable to recover from.“We almost had them. We’re better than they are. And we’re at home and we’ve got to show some more pride in how we go about things,” Carlston said.Senior outside hitter Elizabeth Campbell led OSU with 22 points, including 18 kills. However, she said she sees room for improvement.“I think we made a lot of mistakes. Just little things like being in the net or serving the ball into the net or out of bounds. So, if we can control our aspect of the game, I think that we can play a little bit better,” Campbell said.Carlston noted the errors at crucial points in the game as the reason the Buckeyes could not complete the comeback in the fifth set. The Buckeyes were called for a net violation late in the fifth and final set which gave the Golden Gophers an 11-9 lead that they held onto, ultimately winning 15-11.The Buckeyes are next set to face their fifth ranked team of the season on Sunday when they’re slated to host No.16 Wisconsin. The game is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. at St. John Arena. read more

Ohio State to be awarded with Capital One Cup at ESPYs

The OSU men’s volleyball team pose with their second consecutive national title trophy alongside James DeSantis, nine-year-old super fan. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Oller ReporterOver the past year, few athletic programs have accomplished as much as Ohio State. And for that success, the Buckeyes’ men’s athletics program will be rewarded Wednesday during the ESPYs with the Capital One Cup, an award given to both a men’s and women’s group of athletes that demonstrated consistent success over a variety of sports. The Stanford Cardinal women’s athletics program won the women’s Capital One Cup.The award is earned on a points basis, with different point values being assigned to either ranking within the Top 10 of a certified poll, or placing in the championships of any given sport. The Ohio State men’s athletic program received 111 points, narrowly edging out two-time cup champion Florida who came in second with 105 points.To the athletes and alumni, this award takes on a special meaning.“It says that you’re one of the best,” said Eddie George, former Ohio State running back and 1995 Heisman Trophy winner. “For us to finally hoist up a Capital One trophy to say, ‘OK, our athletic program as a whole is the best in the land,’ says a lot.”For its victory, Ohio State will receive not only the trophy, but $200,000 to be put towards student-athlete scholarships.And though Ohio State ranked third in highest-grossing athletic programs according to Business Insider, George said the school can benefit from the additional source of funding.“Anytime that you can get money for student-athletes to get more opportunities to come, it’s just that added bonus,” George said. “It’s saying that you don’t have to go out and fundraise as much. That goes right toward the bottom line, and it allows for student-athletes to get scholarships, not just for football, but for all sports. It gives someone a chance to foster their dream and to get a great education.”Winning an award such as this requires a well-oiled machine of athletics and someone at the helm who knows how to run it, George said. As a result, George believes a great deal of credit belongs to Smith for the work he has put into Ohio State athletics to put the program in a position to function as well as it has. “It just goes to show you the great job that Gene Smith has done for Ohio State as our athletic director,” George said. “(He) is very adamant and persistent about equality in all of our sports and supporting all of our sports.”George said that Smith and the rest of the athletic department have worked hard to bring Ohio State to the point of where it is no longer just viewed as a football or basketball school, but a university with widespread success across all different sports. He added that winning an award like this one sends a message to any potential incoming recruits that the program as a whole is committed to bringing together all the pieces required to drive a championship-caliber team.“It says that we’re hiring the best coaches, we’re giving the best mentorships, we’re doing everything we can as a university to put our athletes in the best position both athletically and academically,” George said. “It says that you’re coming to a program that believes in winning championships, that’s getting recognition, the best of the best.”George will officially bestow the honor to his alma mater during the presentation of the award, handing the trophy to fellow Ohio State alum and member of the 2016 National Championship-winning men’s volleyball team Miles Johnson.The former standout running back said he did not know how he was chosen, but that as soon as they called to offer him the position, he immediately accepted.“When they asked me to do it, I didn’t hesitate,” George said. “And to honor Ohio State for winning their first-ever Capital One Cup trophy is pretty amazing, so I’m honored to do it.”The ESPYs will begin at 8 p.m. Wednesday, and will be aired on ABC. Point Breakdown:Lacrosse: 36Volleyball: 20Football: 15Gymnastics: 12Wrestling: 12Tennis: 8Fencing: 6*Rifle: 2**The rifle and fencing team received double the listed total, but since both teams are mixed genders, the point totals had to be split with half going to men’s athletics and the other half allotted to women’s athletics. read more

Mexico Keeper Ochoa would love a move to Napoli

first_imgGuillermo Ochoa could be lining up a switch from Standard Liege in Belgium to last seasons runners-up in Serie A – according to his agent. Ochoa received worldwide acclaim for his performances for Mexico during the 2014 World Cup and is currently on duty in Russia for his national side, starring in their opening game victory against Germany.Speaking to CalcioNapoli24 as reported by Football Italia today, the goalkeeper’s representative Jorge Berlanga had this to say: “He’s played for many teams, he’s now at Standard Liege and he’s a leading light for the Mexican national team at the World Cup, like he showed against Germany.”“Who wouldn’t like to play in the Champions League? Still, no offers have arrived regarding this.”“On the other hand, he would be very happy to join Napoli and be coached by Carlo Ancelotti.”Maurizio Sarri, JuventusMaurizio Sarri satisfied despite Juventus’ draw at Fiorentina Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Maurizio Sarri was satisfied with Juventus’ performance on Saturday afternoon after finishing a tough game at Fiorentina 0-0. Para que estemos motivados este lunes. ??¡A seguir trabajando duro, Incondicionales! ⚡#NadaNosDetiene | #Rusia2018— Selección Nacional (@miseleccionmx) June 18, 2018Mexico will be hoping to build on their huge victory over the reigning world champions in Russia, with their next game against South Korea scheduled to take place this coming Saturday.last_img read more

Luis Enrique aims to continue the work of Lopetegui Hierro

first_imgIn his first official press conference as the new Spain boss, Luis Enrique outlined his aim to “continue the work” that both his predecessors Julen Lopetegui and Fernando Hierro accomplishedRFF president Luis Rubiales announced the appointment of Enrique over a week ago, in what he had described as a “unanimous” decision by the federation.It will mark the first time Enrique has been in football management since his departure from Barcelona in 2017.Having been previously been linked with the managerial vacancies at Arsenal and Chelsea, the 48-year-old surprisingly took up the challenge of taking charge of the Spanish national team following their disastrous World Cup campaign that had seen head coach Lopetegui fired on the eve of their first game and Hierro only being able to take the side past the group stages.“The aim is to continue the work of Lopetegui and Hierro,” said Enrique, according to Football-Espana.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“We have been analysing everything and we believe the foundations are in place to continue to carry on and re-find success for the team.“Both men worked extremely hard in their roles and we thank them for everything but football is a continuous cycle and winning trophies is not easy.“At Barcelona we had similar ideas of evolution, taking decisions based on ideas of winning more matches and more trophies.“I know what this job entails, and I am fortunate enough to have the trust of the president, whom I thank, and I hope I can impress in the role.“I am very excited for the big challenges that await.”last_img read more