Two strokes five let your love Shanghai keywords fly

The anchor text work

and Google keyword keywords love Shanghai. Optimize the love Shanghai keywords, is the pursuit of many of the goals, also many new Adsense nightmare! How to optimize love Shanghai keywords, the author thinks that the need to adhere to good pre planning and post. From the characteristics of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love view, as a webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng personnel do keyword optimization shall do a good job of the following major tasks:

1. clear main keywords to promotion, modify the work according to the key words determine the key words to promote the site title, meta and description, of which description description should have new ideas and means smooth, consistent with Chinese word segmentation criterion, the problem can not be applied mechanically, right. When necessary, the key words can do two times repeat. read more

The webmaster how to skillfully use nofollow to highlight the weight of the page

the first not death. Secondly, all the links and only a URL. Furthermore, from any page to access any other page not more than 3 clicks. Finally, using nofollow to selectively direct the search engine.

think carefully, in the chain has been the early Shanghai dragon Er to be a link but didn’t care. Content is king of the times, we know that the website must be flat, the directory is not deep, try to make all your pages are connected by links to form a network. But how many websites can do that? Said the first dynamic web page, a page in a variety of different URL, which allows the search engine to come in after which URL crawled? Climb in after the climb out? Or climb in weight can stay in the page? This is the chain to consider the problem. The network structure is difficult to achieve, the simplest way is to do a site map of all the links are written in. But even if this is good inside chain the read more

Content is king of the times we really have to do to make the content of the website

fourth, do not blindly to do the Shanghai dragon. Most of the time, the author found that writing some articles in his heart, but these articles are very dull, users do not love reading, so that the webmaster heart is how to think? As far as I know, is to look to the search engines, search engines as long as their purpose is achieved, in fact this idea is completely mistaken, the user does not recognize your article, you will jump out of the rate increase, the user retention time is short, still can not get the search engine recognition, so these tricks deceptive thinking when the construction of the firm can not have any illusions. read more

Are you still working for the Shanghai Phoenix

a year after I quit my own business, using the knowledge learned to do sales, using their knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, set up a sales site, although it is very successful, but also continued to sell some products. When I sold the first product, I feel very excited, it is a kind of incomparable sense of achievement. Although the sale of a product only earned ten dollars, but let me see hope. Then they gradually build a lot of product sales site, can be considered. Two years later, I began to do product promotion, in a more relaxed way of selling products, gradually on the right track. read more

On importance of Shanghai dragon how fast by the crawler

is how to crawl

links to a process is also very important for the website optimization, can indirectly affect the weights of the website in the search engine. We used the link is divided into: anchor text links, links, text links and images.

is the automatic extraction of web crawler program, such as the Shanghai spiders love, want to let oneself website more pages indexed, first >

The We often hear people talking about the ?

is in

said the Shanghai dragon, we are not unfamiliar, Shanghai dragon Chinese translation for search engine optimization, by means of site optimization, improve the site keywords ranking, so as to improve the product exposure. read more

ndustry website construction of file layout

said many documents, not to engage in technology may not understand how. Plainly, is the site in how the picture stored, static page generation how to store, shop how static page layout and so on. Look at the pictures stored below the layout.

said the picture stored, static page generation under the following twelve. This is a static page to optimize the consensus, however, industry website data says big, say small, to generate static pages are still need some technical content. Here with industry news and information website for example how to store under. The reason is very simple, that is to say the above pictures, with a folder, according to different folder to store the date generated. At this point, after the person is also observed in the use of the A5 path. There is a problem, we need to give this information in the database in a field with time, this time is forever. And when this information is modified or updated, change another time and date field. After doing this, we can guarantee this information when each generation can date in that folder. To ensure that the search engine index. read more

Awesome love of Shanghai Dragon how to solve the 11 Shanghai phenomenon

love Shanghai 11 phenomenon is just a warning and reminder, if not the artificial intervention, the search engine will automatically put your ranking in advance, that is to say, love for Shanghai is responsible for the user to your site by reducing the power, that the weight of the site itself is relatively high, but in some problems that has led to all aspects of the lower ranks web site than your website, so should deweight, so when your shortcomings have been improved, will restore natural ranking, and the recovery will be sustained. read more

Pulse ET 263 free nternet phone CPA on line advertisingThe electronic commerce will become the futu

a lot of people will talk about e-commerce e-commerce at a distance. Even some people think it’s e-commerce enterprises, the company can only play, we have grassroots civilian capital to play. I think this idea is completely mistaken. What is electronic commerce? Simple explanation is that "electronic" is a computer. "Business is business"; therefore e-commerce refers to through the computer the Internet to do business, as long as any transactions generated by the network behavior, can be called e-commerce, any business that is on the network to do. In China, represented by electronic commerce is Ma Taobao online shopping platform, and now sh419 has ah, A new force suddenly rises. Tencent pat on Taobao, and so on; build up the family fortunes become millionaires and many are too many to count, ordinary people. So, I have confidence, believe that the roots can become heroes. Grassroots civilians would succeed read more

2007 our successful road to entrepreneurshipshlf1314 is cheating to win the title of sentiment some

traffic should be full of

finally want to say is, cheating is not the way, always have to choose other ways to make money, don’t stop here, stop.

has been, I do is Vietnamese goods business, although also achieved good results, but too many sales of this product, then how to do, also difficult to have greater success, so I have been looking for their own products, do you want to do brand products, make a fist the product, so I have been struggling to think.

        by the end of 2006, I finally found a good project, that is energy-saving appliance, the lack of resources, energy saving products will be the gospel of mankind. read more

Wang Xing about entrepreneurship self cultivation family rule governance flat worldEasy to solve

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