Aunt Marie joined how easily showmanship is not a dream

today, everyone is busy with life, many people now have no time to wash my own clothes, dry cleaning industry has now become the consumers and franchisees are very interested in the industry, as a dry cleaning shop good investment projects, aunt Marie is the market.

so, how about Aunt Marie? To say that the relationship between supply and demand of the dry cleaning industry is in a pile up in excess of requirement or demand, will directly affect the dry cleaning industry investment environment and investor appetite, in short supply in the relationship between entrepreneurial projects, will have more investment value when investing in venture investment value of pile up in excess of requirement is relatively small, but the good news is dry the industry is in a state of shortage. read more

Good tea brand should have what characteristics do

milk tea is the development of a good drink, a lot of friends are very fond of milk tea. If you want to open a milk tea shop, you need to pay attention to what characteristics? Excellent tea shop in the end have what characteristics? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1, product type. A small amount of milk tea to join the brand’s products are generally very few, of course, there are many random piled up the product brand. What are the characteristics of high quality tea brand? The best tea brand is a large number of products, rich product collocation is the most important thing is that others do not have products, 100 Fen cool tea products will do fine, fine mellow mouth cup. read more

Gome online CEO Li Juntao shelling Jingdong can not break the stupid milk

After the decline of the

Internet, the old home appliance chain stores have been a clear impact, but also numerous specializing in online electricity supplier business. When it comes to the competition between the traditional home appliance enterprises and rooted in the electricity supplier of the Internet business, mouth cannon is not to prevent. The United States had repeatedly challenge the online CEO Suning Jingdong, especially Jingdong, said that "one or two words can make Jingdong do not sell, because we cooperate with suppliers for 28 years." "In the face of the capital of winter, to follow the trend of running is a blind alley, who continue to surplus corporate slogan hande ring, double dare really price 11." In the Chinese industry chain held tomorrow O2O meeting, Li Juntao once again in the keynote speech at the Jingdong, the point of attack is that he is not profitable Jingdong, it is difficult to understand.

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A successful entrepreneur to share with you my WeChat operating experience

to share with you my successful experience, I hope to give you more help entrepreneurs. As a continuous entrepreneur, in the past ten years, I have successfully created a company of the three, now in their respective areas have achieved good results, of course, have also experienced many lessons of failure.

The process of

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Don’t purchase clothing store on the whole when wholesalers

clothing store newcomers to the wholesale market, as many of us into the clothing store to buy clothes, because do not understand, it is easy to be fooled by a few words fooled. In short, the opening of a clothing store to purchase, some novice stores, clothing wholesale market is very easy to be seen as a novice. This can not be fooled by the clothing wholesalers! So for the novice, clothing stores need to master what skills? Today Xiaobian for everyone to talk about, in the process of clothing wholesale easy to encounter several scenarios! read more

Crystal jewelry store operators to win the key to success

jewelry shop is very common in our individual lives, especially some crystal jewelry store is more affected by the number of female friends welcome, now want to open a lucrative crystal jewelry store will need to know some of the competing techniques.

it also makes crystal jewelry market many brands, led to the competition between the industry is very fierce. Almost every crystal jewelry store owners are concerned about how to win the market in such a competitive environment. In this regard, the following small series will come to explain to you shop owner related methods: read more

Happy lemon characteristic brand project

beverage market in the development of the beverage industry has achieved great success, and now beverage consumption has become one of the indispensable market needs in our lives. Endless variety of beverage brands. Happy lemon drinks unique in the industry, with its own characteristics and advantages in the industry out of a feature of the development of the road, for people to bring a new drink to enjoy.

happy lemon drink has its own distinctive characteristics, adhere to the concept of fresh fruit and juice, the use of advanced technology and unique production technology, to create a fresh, healthy, fast drinks products. Stick to the principle of green health, do not add chemical raw materials, to ensure the quality of pure health drinks. A variety of romantic and colorful quality drinks to meet the needs of people’s drinks, consumers have been unanimously recognized. read more

Chengdu lift entrepreneurial innovation boom individual industrial and commercial households increas

now some of the individual industrial and commercial households have occupied the main force of entrepreneurs, some of the big social enterprises are often early by some individual industrial and commercial households in Chengdu, the development of the individual industrial and commercial households, the proportion is very large.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to the relevant person in charge, Chengdu from March last year, the implementation of the reform of commercial system, lower the threshold for market access, optimize government services, reduce business costs, to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "to provide policy support and development power. Reflected in the first half of this year’s statistics, showing three characteristics: read more

Female college students failed to arrest for fraud


venture is successful, failed, choose entrepreneurship, there is ambition, no matter how difficult, should be the beginning of the heart, not to do illegal things. And Jiamou because of business failure, on the illegal road, hope that more entrepreneurs take this as a warning.

because of business failure owed money, no money to the female students, with a rush into danger for driver’s license on the grounds of fraud. From 2013 to date, she has more than 70 thousand yuan fraud. 22, 2009, the Inner Mongolia morning news reporter learned from the Baotou River East District People’s Procuratorate, on suspicion of fraud, Jia has been approved the arrest. read more