n the first 11 months of this year a total of 541 fires in Xining

since the beginning of winter, Xining city fire, electricity, gas consumption increased rapidly, all kinds of factors that increase the cause of the fire. In December 13th, the Xining Municipal People’s government held the city’s winter fire prevention work conference, informed the fire work in the first 11 months of this year in Xining City, and the arrangements for the deployment of fire prevention work in winter.

from January to December 1st this year, a total of 541 cases of fire in Xining, no deaths. Compared with the same period last year, the number of fires decreased by 42.2%, Xining City, the number of fires, property loss, death and injury index declined four, to create a good environment for fire safety for social economic development in Xining city.

at present and in the next stage, Xining will focus on the key departments, crowded places, units, high-rise building (underground), inflammable and explosive places, "three" and "nine small" places, rural, community fire hazard investigation and remediation carried out. Will organize the investigation power supply, water supply, oil and gas supply, transportation, communication, broadcasting and other key departments and units, supervise these units to implement fire safety responsibility system, strengthen the safety management, rectify the existing fire hazard and fire violations. In shopping malls, hotels, schools, hospitals, railway stations and other crowded places, and dance halls, cafes, bathing and other public places of entertainment, carried out a dragnet inspection of fire safety, ensure fire facilities complete, safe exit and evacuation channel, and regularly organize fire fighting and evacuation drills. Will increase the high-rise, hidden dangers of underground construction, focusing on the evacuation channel, safety exits, fire facilities, fire safety management units and other issues to carry out dragnet investigation, leaving no blind spots. To strengthen the supervision of production, storage, sale and use of flammable and explosive places. Xining city in rural areas, the combination of community fire safety grid management, strengthen the rural community, the fire hazard investigation and remediation work, guiding the farmers and residents of the community fire safety, electricity, oil and gas, actively eliminate fire hazards, to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents. (author: Wu Yachun)



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