North District efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood and constantly improve the people’

this year, the North District according to hold the bottom line, focused, improve the system, and guide public opinion "requirement, to improve the style of austerity combined, continue to maintain the livelihood of the fiscal investment proportion of not less than 80%, the money wisely, how to do things for the people, let the north people of all nationalities live more comfortable, more dignity.

highlight education priority. To fully implement the "North District Education Action Plan" five years of development, increase financial investment, make great efforts to enhance the educational level of the school district. Continue to promote the school safety project and the standardization of school construction, the completion of the Qilian Road Primary School, Chaoyang School, twenty Li Pu Zhen public kindergarten in the construction of new projects, new 2 public kindergartens, Chaoyang stadium, Wu Zhong for the school construction project. We will continue to implement the "egg and milk project" and the laying of the plastic playground, a pilot free lunch project in suburban rural primary schools. In order to create a "digital demonstration area of education in the province" as an opportunity to strengthen the construction of multimedia teaching, expand the coverage of "ban Tong Tong", science popularization laboratory, and promote the sharing of high-quality educational resources.

highlight the reform of medical and health care. According to the basic security, building mechanism, strong grass-roots ideas, continue to deepen the reform of personnel and distribution system, accelerate the construction of urban and rural disease prevention and control, medical treatment and health supervision system, improve medical and health facilities in community and village conditions. The implementation of health supervision office, dabuzi hospital construction projects for maternal and child business Baojian Railway Station standard rooms, CDC laboratory project. Accelerate the Mafang community health center, 3 new projects in the standardized operation, improve service quality tree brand, creating characteristics. Actively explore the new model of the development of traditional Chinese medicine hospital. Improve the standard of compensation for community and village family planning staff, consolidate and enhance the "family planning model zone" results.

highlight the construction of social security system. Do everything possible to stabilize and expand employment, support entrepreneurship. Placement of 500 new jobs in urban areas, resettlement of poor groups of people employed by the city, the registered urban unemployment rate of less than 3.5% in the control of less than 6000. To build the district comprehensive training center, strengthen the cohesion and parks, enterprises, help the landless farmers nearest local employment, training of rural labor entrepreneurship training 1800 people, 400 people, to guide the transfer of rural labor employment 4000 people. Continue to implement the purchase of rent, public rental housing and other affordable housing projects to solve the difficulties of the masses housing problem. To adapt to the social trend of aging, accelerate the establishment of the basis of home care, community service for the social old-age service system and institution support support, new home care model to explore the characteristics of the construction of the north, North District Social Welfare center. Improve the rehabilitation mechanism for the disabled care, management and operation of the disabled rehabilitation training center. (author: Wang Yang)

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