298 consumers during the Spring Festival activist

Every day is 3· 15, as long as there will be timely treatment of consumer complaints. Reporters from the provincial consumer association was informed that in February 25th, during the Spring Festival this year, Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 complaint platform to continue to play its role in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, so during the festival, more than trading rights continuously.

it is reported that between February 7th to February 13th this year, the province received a total of 12315 Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer complaints platform calls 298. Among them: 98 consultation, complaints of 14, report of the 2, the handling of voice recording of 184, compared with the same period last year rose slightly. From the admissibility of complaints, the consumer dispute during the spring festival mainly concentrated in food safety, food and beverage and communications services. Such as food, expired metamorphism, price fraud and communication services are not in place; from the acceptance of reports of the situation, mainly in the sale of food, such as vegetables and aquatic products shop Quejinshaoliang shop beyond the scope of business issues. According to the complaint, the reported cases, 12315 complaints office in accordance with the functions, timely accept and turn business, market grassroots regulatory treatment, individual cases promptly solve through the telecom and mobile Easy Access. At the same time, the staff carefully answered various consumer advice, for consumers to reflect the price, invoice, catering, health products "Three Guarantees" and other issues to be answered, to provide satisfactory consulting services for consumers.  

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