North five shopping district to enhance consumer spending power

To enhance the spending power of the people, build service district, so that residents can enjoy the convenience of a city lifestyle, this year, the north area of relying on state-level high-tech industrial zone, Xichuan metro development engine, strive to create a modern business, financial services, information services for the multifunctional business service area of a body to enhance the residents of fashion consumption ability.

[] to the construction of green corridor District Baoziwan area plateau ecological agriculture demonstration garden as an opportunity to build with entertainment, science, folk culture, picking and other characteristics of the recognized species of leisure tourism center.

[] to the Bridge Street Bridge Street shopping district as the center, to promote small business district as the core of the commercial circulation, accelerate the development of hotel accommodation, catering and entertainment etc. the traditional service industry, gathered people, logistics, to cultivate new growth point of financial and tax.  

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