2014 historical mission to encourage us to forge ahead New Year’s message from

in the 2014 New Year bell will be sounded the moment, again through the 2013 Qinghai daily, through a review of reports, every day and every step of the development of Qinghai. About development, feel the power, it is passion.

last year as the newspaper editorial said: 2013, new year’s message from Qinghai to the people’s happy life yearning, set sail! In flight, under the strong leadership of provincial Party committee, provincial people’s faith, fighting courageously, struggling to build the "three zone", Qinghai earth dynamic tension, major news continuously, the sustained and healthy development of the cause of people’s life more happy and healthy.

years, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the speech series general secretary Xi Jinping, Party members and cadres ability to control the complicated situation of a new promotion; to strengthen the ideological work and culture construction, the ideological mainstream media positions had new development; to strengthen and improve Party building, Party building science to a new level.

years, struggling to build a national circular economy pilot area development, improve economic development into a steady, steady; focus on ecological protection and environmental governance, to create a good atmosphere of ecological civilization sharing; and carry out advanced areas to create national unity and progress, people of all nationalities live together in peace together, work together with one heart and harmonious development.

over the past year, the full completion of the main task of reconstruction after the Yushu earthquake, a new socialist new Yushu proudly stands in the snowy plateau. Sanjiang source of ecological protection area expanded to 395 thousand square kilometers, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission determined to create national unity and progress demonstration pilot, Haidong Prefecture, Yushu City, started the construction of 15 major industrial base, Xining Caojiabao Airport two completion of the project investment.

health care, medicine, medical "three driven", the new health care reform let people share the results of the reform; the hot issue price play combination punches, will stabilize prices, people’s livelihood rich food basket mentioned hitherto unknown height.


farewell to the occasion of the occasion of the new year is to seek inspiration, inspirational is to forge ahead.

2014 is the full implementation of the spirit of the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the first year of comprehensive deepening of reform, but also the successful completion of the "12th Five-Year" plan, promote the construction of the "three zones" a crucial year.

has just concluded the twelve plenary meeting of the five session of the provincial Party committee pointed out that the current and future periods, the strategic task in front of us is to adhere to the correct direction, deepen reform, strive to create "three areas", the construction of a comprehensive well-off. This strategic task, is a product of the spirit of the central and Qinghai reality, is to correctly grasp the present stage Qinghai Province, crystallization accurately judged the development direction and the development of Qinghai power, development path and development goals of the green governance concept and rule of wisdom, we must shoulder the historical mission.

2014, the world economy will be in a depth adjustment period, China’s economic growth rate shift, structural adjustment pains, pre stimulus digestion period;

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