County Commission for Discipline nspection led in the east area of the Strait held a charity perfor

7 17, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the county propaganda department, county organization department in Dong Xia Zhen Yao Zi Gou jointly organized a "honest performance of their duties, let the people live a happier life" as the theme of the art show east gap area. Zhang Yongnian, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee Propaganda Department, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee Organization Department, Vice Minister of the local people and more than a hundred people watched the performance of Wang Xuewen, Sun Guiping.

this is my county in the theatrical festival theme publicity and education during the month, an independent cultural activities held in the East, north, birch, moon gorge, to four towns 12 carefully sending outstanding independent art programs participated in performance. Combined with the new rural construction of rural actors, the use of local folk art, flowers, sketches, dance and other forms of popular love, to promote the theme of anti-corruption.


rating, to the village of "skin shadow" won the first prize; Dong Xia Zhen fan dance "and" to our village and filial piety "great changes in rural areas" won the two prize; Hua Lin Xiang dance "azalea" Shuo Bei Xiang, the Tibetan Dance "three cups of wine", the East Xia Zhen flowers "solo" to obtain the good policies of the party third-prize; Dong Xia Zhen won the outstanding organization award.

by carrying out this activity, enrich the carrier and form the theme of education publicity activities, increase the propaganda and enhance the social influence, and strive to create honest pride to greed ashamed in society.


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