Comprehensive implementation of the province’s social assistance special rectification work in an or

In August 18th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department and the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial Commission Office and other ten departments issued the "Qinghai provincial social assistance special treatment program", from early August to late September to carry out the province’s social assistance management work. Currently, the country has been launched in a timely manner to carry out self-examination, the work of orderly.

the special governance mainly includes four aspects: one is the city (state), county (District) the introduction of the policy of social assistance; two is the social assistance coordination mechanism, an acceptance, collaboration for the mechanism of household economic status checking mechanism, supervision and inspection mechanism, the social forces to participate in social the rescue work mechanisms construction; the three is from 2014 to 2015, the urban and rural five guarantees, medical assistance, temporary assistance and other social assistance fund raising, use and management; the four levels of social assistance agencies service management.  

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