ndustrial and commercial staff taxue pursuit a manufacturing counterfeit dens were destroyed

November 11th, the temperature suddenly dropped, the city of Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Branch of law enforcement officers snow destroyed a manufacturing counterfeit dens, seized 83 pieces of various types of counterfeit products on the spot, worth about 130 thousand yuan.

in order to combat counterfeit and shoddy products, the purification of the province’s brand market, the province’s industrial and commercial sector in November 10th began to mobilize and deploy brand protection, playing fake hundred days of law enforcement action. The evening of November 11th, the East Branch Trade and industry group in the Roca tracking stalking Bay Village and found a suspicious vehicle for transporting bulk wine, in order to avoid law enforcement act rashly and alert the enemy more than one team, the alternate vehicle tracking suspicious vehicles, from the track to the East District of peace, and peace with all the way back to Xining from. After more than two hours of tracking, finally in the east area of suburban housing seized worth about 130 thousand yuan of alcohol, including the "colorful" mutual aid "eight workshop" and "Wuliangye" wines, and two sets of production tools and hundreds of pounds of raw wine.


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