30 thousand acres of tasks to complete four green more thick

on the side of the mountain, the roadside, the river, the edge of the field, a green ribbon stretched, Xining greener. This year, the city launched a large-scale green four, has now completed four green 30 thousand acres, the city has embarked on a journey to the National Forest city.

create a national forest city in order to achieve the goal of enhancing Xining’s comprehensive competitiveness, the development, the municipal government decided this year launched the hillside, roadside, riverside, Tian Bian ("four") green, three years total planning area of 100 thousand acres of green. This quadrilateral green highlights the green channel, focusing on the Xining to Huangzhong, Huangyuan, peace, Datong, Haiyan, Guide and other surrounding suburban highway high standard greening, has now been completed on both sides of the channel high standard of landscape shelterbelt construction of 8000 acres, the highway interchange landscape upgrade and an important node of green 8. At the same time, the city also vigorously on the Beichuan River, Nanchuan River, Huangshui River river on both sides of the implementation of high standards for forest landscape construction project area; actively guide farmers to adjust planting structure, encourage the field seedling, and the ride within sight of the mountain afforestation and forest network construction, the project area involved in the city’s 23 townships (towns, office), a total investment of 233 million yuan.

former highway weedy dead gone, thin trees were transformed into a thick green corridor. This reporter saw a forest landscape with the highway extends on both sides of the road on the ground, on the hillside, flowers and trees well-proportioned pine, spruce, neatly arranged, such as a row of guards lined up to welcome people to enter Xining. According to the plan, the city on both sides of the highway to create a width of 30 meters of green landscape belt, planted flowers shrubs, evergreen trees and broadleaf trees. In the part of farmland landscape forest after, to encourage farmers to build a piece of nursery base, through the combination of planting and seedling phase, which reached around a substantial increase in green, and adjusted the planting structure, but also led farmers to get rich. (author: small words)

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