Xining City 1400 tons of meat to ensure that the Xining market supply two

recently, the reporter learned from Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, 2014 New Year’s day, Spring Festival is approaching, in order to guarantee the market supply during the two, expanding consumer market, maintain the circulation of security, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce ahead of plan, deploy, and do a good job of market supply and demand meat, eggs, vegetables, grain and other important necessities of life and the price monitoring work.

to protect the city of Xining this winter and spring meat, vegetables and other necessities mainly supply, stabilize the market price, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce in the winter season organizations transporting 90 thousand tons of vegetables, 10 thousand tons of poultry. The total amount of meat reserves 2600 tons, of which, ready to live pigs of 1000 tons, live cattle of 400 tons, live sheep of 600 tons, frozen beef, tons of frozen mutton, 200 tons, arranged for new year’s day, during the Spring Festival put a total of 1400 tons.

it is reported that during the two, residents on consumption, the mall staff intensive, Municipal Bureau of Commerce in the new year, before the Spring Festival will organize safety supervision, fire departments, within the jurisdiction of the shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets, farmers markets, poultry slaughtering enterprises, gas production safety work station, warehousing enterprises to conduct a comprehensive check and remove security risks found. Especially during the festival to strengthen business activities of commercial enterprise management, strengthen the organization and management of the mall promotions and high business and other business activities, promotional behavior, advocating integrity promotion, promotion, retailers law civilization promotion, safety promotion, safety work realistically, grasping thin, do a good job, to ensure business safety.


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