Xining City slow blocking Paul Chang three years of action plan for the city road outside the ring n

In order to fully implement the provincial government instructions, strengthen regional transportation hub leading and supporting role in depth into the "new pattern of opening up the economy with the Silk Road, accelerate the construction of the road network system into the ring, into the net, to enhance the city traffic capacity, to achieve stronger Xining, service the strategic target to provide strong transportation security, August 6th, Xining municipal government executive will be held, considered and adopted the" Xining slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling the city road network construction scheme of "outer ring". Three years of action plan to add a new road mileage of 276 kilometers, by 2018 the city’s total length of 779 kilometers of road, per capita Road area of up to 12.88 square meters, to achieve a well-off social development standards.

two, basic principles

three, the main task

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