Seven months and 04 days was selected for the Chinese Opera Festival

The day before the Ministry of Culture issued a notice, the Qinghai performing arts group and Modern Peking Opera "line of seven months and 04 days" was selected for the seventh Chinese Opera Festival, will be held next month in Tianjin City, Tanggu Grand Theater performances. Chinese Peking Opera Festival is a grand event of the national opera art, which is of great significance to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and promote the protection and support of Beijing opera. Attend the opera festival performances of the 25 and 1 sets of repertoire of Peking Opera is the Ministry of culture, the expert group report for all localities and departments of nearly 50 works carefully watching the trial to determine the selection. This year marks the 60 anniversary of the opening of the Qinghai Tibet highway, the Qinghai performing arts group in accordance with the "father of the Qinghai Tibet highway," general Mu Shengzhong’s touching deeds carefully created the Modern Peking Opera "for seven months and 04 days". The play shows in 50s, the northwest military forces, Tibet Tibet transportation Corps political commissar mu Shengzhong led by general Tuo Road engineering team, in extremely harsh natural conditions, and small Han, Tibetan, camel industry guide Tenzing Engineer Qi Yuqing road and all the heroes fought, forged in perfect sympathy with each other, or a nation the brotherhood, immortal epic wrote a first generation to the construction of the Qinghai Tibet highway, inspire people of all heated up, circle determination and confidence in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream. The drama in the drama art based on the law, directing techniques, modern dance forms, symphonic music, drama and other aspects of space presents a breakthrough and innovation.  

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