Xining unimpeded traffic engineering work in full swing

2012 city traffic engineering construction is mainly concentrated in the smooth flow of integrated traffic, parking lot, direct bus three categories. According to the smooth transport leading group meeting, we will be the construction tasks of the division of labor, clear responsibility, the relevant units to seriously implement the tasks, organization and leadership, strengthening project management, organize all the implementation of smooth traffic project, strictly according to the time node requirements to implement the construction project. The city’s traffic engineering construction in full swing, the main progress is as follows:

a, intersection reconstruction project : plan to transform the 11 junctions have all started construction.

two, traffic marking, signal lamp, video surveillance and other projects: installed all kinds of traffic signs 16 block, the new road isolation pier 300 meters, demolition waste mark 36, maintenance center fence 600 meters, at the same time to formulate and improve the road traffic channelization 5 optimization scheme.

three, pedestrian overpass project: 9 Bridge construction has completed the main hoisting, under deck pavement; the new West Main Street, 54 Lane Street commercial street youth, 71 road to 51 Road intersection, West Lane, victory road and sunning Road intersection 5 overpass project has been completed the location, is preparing a feasibility research report.

four, get through the broken road project: cattle long lane project is being carried out bidding, Mo street road reconstruction project was started construction in March 10th, after the demolition of the street is being carried out thorough work.

five, direct bus project: has completed the work of public transport vehicles, in April 12th, the fare will be held, the fare has been basically determined.

smooth traffic leading group office is currently continuing to strengthen the project construction inspection work, coordinate and solve the existing problems, to ensure that the objectives and tasks in an orderly way forward.


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