Qinghai to promote ecological protection and precision poverty alleviation

summer morning, a hundred mile mountain to a green grass, who lives in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous County in Qumalai Township, Massachusetts Tibetan herdsmen a lot as usual to the depths of the grassland, begin the day’s work. "Last year was incorporated into the poor households filing riser, the government gave me a grassland ecological protection work this year, mainly to view the surrounding grazing grass hill have cattle and sheep grazing in the fence, there is no such destruction, now every month can get 1800 yuan wages, with the fixed income also, can reduce the burden to the family."

it is understood that our province except Xining city four district and county (city) all belong to the country (province) and the state designated poor counties concentrated special difficult areas to support the county, and mostly in the water source or the ecological protection zone, according to the actual situation of our province, according to local conditions, make the "Qinghai ecological province the protection and service of poverty alleviation action plan". The target range is 42 poor counties (city, District Committee, 520 thousand, 1622) the poor participatory poor village.

this plan is to promote the province’s ecological protection and accurate action guidelines and specific path out of poverty." According to the provincial poverty alleviation bureau responsible person, in 2016 the province set up a total of 16 thousand and 500 jobs in 2017, ecological protection, ecological public welfare protection setting post 26 thousand and 600, among them, the original 4 thousand and 300 jobs and 38 thousand and 800 new jobs, according to the management object set the prairie ecological public welfare management post 30360, forestry ecological public welfare management post 12770.

participatory poverty population of 43 thousand and 100 people engaged in the management and protection of ecological public welfare, new jobs and all members from the local precise identification filing riser poor population employment, one post. The basic guarantee of 1 people in Sanjiang source of key ecological function areas of poor farmers household labor ability, the conditions of the ecological public welfare and protection work in. On the key areas of agricultural areas, the area with a large number of poor people, according to the national policy, appropriate increase ecological management positions.

According to the

management area is set to the source region of Sanjiang, Yushu, Hainan and Huangnan, Golog, set up a total of 35000 jobs of ecological public welfare protection, the protection of ecological public welfare grassland post 30118, forestry management of ecological public welfare jobs 4882. Xining, Haidong, Haixi and Haibei ecological public management were set 8130 jobs, including 242 jobs and grassland ecological public welfare forestry management, ecological public welfare jobs 7888.


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