Xining performance evaluation heavy livelihood rebirth heavy style

set 2013 annual leadership and leading cadres responsibility issued in Xining (performance) evaluation of the four categories and 35 indicators, livelihood, ecological environmental protection and improvement of the style index has become the focus of.

assessment in Xining City, the income of urban and rural residents, education, health, culture, social security, food and drug safety, housing security, price control, urban employment, household registration reform is closely related with the people living in a series of indexes, and 10 types of the municipal government to determine the 58 projects for the tangible things included in the annual the performance appraisal system, the people’s livelihood index accounted for 50% of all evaluation indexes. Price regulation, the unemployment rate and other indicators of a veto, and strive to achieve the objectives of the performance evaluation of the hard measures to ensure that the livelihood of the people to implement. At the same time, the protection of arable land, urban greening, sand remediation, energy conservation, urban sewage treatment rate, water pollution control, air quality, PM2.5 monitoring, the main pollutant emissions and other indicators, and to create a national environmental protection model city "and" 26 indicators to create a national forest city "20 goals, both as a key the index of assessment, highlighting the ecological and environmental protection seriously, adding impetus to the construction of the beautiful Xining.

order to seriously implement the central and provincial, municipal Party Committee on improving the work style, close ties to the masses of the provisions of regulation, the mediocre, lazy, scattered, luxury style into the effectiveness of leadership at all levels of the performance appraisal system, opinion polls and "reverse evaluation of cadres style situation, reverse evaluation results included in the annual assessment leadership. At the same time, strengthen the daily dynamic management of the target responsibility, strictly implement the daily assessment of the "inspection methods" and "accountability approach", the implementation of regular reports, regular reporting, regular assessment system. Improve the form of the general objective of the party building assessment, the implementation of routine assessment management, no longer focused on the end of assessment. (author: Xiao Shu Zhao Huigang)

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