The two sessions passed eight livelihood tasks schedule

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March – 14, 2016 is the first year to build a moderately prosperous society. Two sessions on the country, delaying retirement, social security, health care, poverty alleviation, pre-school education and a series of people’s livelihood is closely related to the timetable is expected to be clear.

task 1 –

delay retirement: 2016 will be introduced to the community for


"13th Five-Year" plan draft, the introduction of progressive retirement age policy. Yin Yumin, Minister of human resources and social security, said during the two sessions, the retirement plan will be approved this year after the approval of the relevant procedures to the community for comments, and then formally launched after the improvement.

expert analysts believe that the introduction of the program to delay retirement at least go through a wide range of comments, according to the procedures for approval, the introduction of rules throughout the three procedures. Yin Yumin introduced the delay retirement policy direction is slow, gradual step in place, distinction, step by step, is expected to extend the retirement age for several months each year.

task 2 –

social security: pensions in 2016 is expected to increase by about 6.5%, and more will be lowered social security rate

submitted for consideration of the draft report of the central and local budgets, since January 1, 2016, according to 6.5% or so to improve the pension standards for enterprises and institutions retirees.

the Ministry of human resources and social security research institute director Jin Weigang said, making the transfer of some state-owned capital, to enrich the social security fund to improve employee pension insurance personal accounts, the introduction of the reform of the endowment insurance system of three important programs have been included in the relevant departments work plan this year. At present, some places have pilot, Guangdong and other documents to reduce social security rates.

task 3 –

medical: in 2016 to achieve full coverage of serious illness insurance, the integration of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance system

government work report, 2016 will coordinate the promotion of health care, health care, pharmaceutical linkage reform. To achieve full coverage of serious illness insurance. About 70% of the city to carry out a pilot classification. The central government allocated 16 billion yuan for urban and rural medical assistance. Meanwhile, the integration of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance system, financial subsidies from 380 yuan per person per year increased to $420. Basic public health services funding from 40 yuan per capita increase to $45 to promote the flow of medical resources to the grassroots and rural areas.

National People’s Congress, the Anhui Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher Qian Niansun said that China’s medical reform is accelerating, people see a doctor is difficult and expensive problems are gradually resolved, it is also an important way to enhance the sense of reform. At present, the shortage of pediatricians, the hospital No. traffickers and so on, still need to continue to increase the intensity of reform, so that everyone can enjoy better medical services.

task 4 –

Poverty Alleviation: in 2016 to complete the task of poverty alleviation of more than 10 million of rural poverty, the central government poverty alleviation funds grew by 43.4%.

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