Qinghai focus on the operating behavior of the vehicle will be included in the dynamic regulation

recently, the Qinghai focus on the construction of dynamic monitoring system for the implementation of the vehicle program successfully passed the review.

province key operating vehicle dynamic monitoring system is divided into 5 subsystems, namely platform supervision subsystem, vehicle monitoring subsystem, alarm information subsystem, statistical query subsystem and system management subsystem. These 5 subsystems will form a multi-level interactive information system which is based on the dynamic information and static information of the vehicle, the interaction between the government supervision platform and the enterprise production safety monitoring platform.

The implementation of the

system, can be a dangerous two passenger, truck and taxi access to the traffic supervision and service platform, realize information management of key operating vehicle safety supervision department – Province – City – enterprise "four level cooperation. The system of key operating vehicle satellite data analysis, operating vehicle dynamic monitoring and data sharing services, provide the corresponding regulatory information for the industry department, in order to improve the operation of the vehicle normative regulation ability, improve the level of safety supervision of road transport industry, standardize the operation of road transport plays a positive role in promoting.


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