Xining forestry spawned a variety of green benefits of forest products out of countless gold

Qinghai news saying, Kaoshanchishan by water draft. The Xining Forestry Bureau has opened up a new way for the sustainable development of forestry through the attempt of forest products processing, forest eco-tourism, forest planting and cultivation.

in 2006 and in 2007, built 100 thousand acres of seabuckthorn forest in Xining City, this year, will also be re established the base of 50 thousand acres of seabuckthorn resources. What do you do with so many sea buckthorn? Originally, the sea buckthorn from the root to the leaf has the very high utilization value. Seabuckthorn forest can wind and sand, sea buckthorn fruit, sea buckthorn seeds, sea buckthorn leaves, sea buckthorn oil can be extracted from the sea buckthorn oil, sea buckthorn beverage production and other value-added products, products are exported to South Korea, Japan and other countries. Xining city forestry bureau deputy director Li Hongyan told reporters that the sea buckthorn has both ecological and economic benefits, Xining is suitable for planting seabuckthorn, seabuckthorn industry development to solve the ecological protection, increase the income of farmers, to provide raw materials for enterprises and other issues, is worthy of the name of the green industry.

removal of the use of the value of trees in the woods to choose the development of forest resources in Xining suitable for planting and breeding projects, the economic benefits are more impressive. In the autumn of 2005, five forest farms in Datong County, Huangzhong Province, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, and the treasure house, the 3 forest farms were planted with a total of 100 thousand ginseng seedlings and a total of 70 kg ginseng seeds. After more than two years of growth, ginseng has been about 10 centimeters high, as thick as a pencil. Northeast forest planted ginseng experts in Qinghai to see after planting ginseng again and again praised: This is better than our Northeast ginseng are good!" In addition, the Xining municipal forestry bureau is also under the development of forest cultivation of wild vegetables, bracken, edible fungus and other local varieties of wild vegetables.

2007, Huangyuan black ditch, Datong experimental forest and other places try to breed more than 30 thousand understory chicken. This kind of chicken in the woods stocking, cater to the people return to nature, like the original ecological green food needs, the product is now on the market. Fortunately, last year, Xining introduced the 10 million from the northeast forest frog eggs, hatching success rate of 95%, higher rate than in the northeast of the hatch now, these frogs Lin lived in the woods. After three to five years of growth, forest frog can be listed. Rana chensinensis meat can be eaten, frog oil known as "soft gold", said, with high medicinal value. At present, the 9 state-owned forest farms in Xining are demonstration cultivation, the ultimate goal is to "company + farmers" in the form, so that more farmers get benefits.

nature in beautiful scenery attract friends summer tourism to all corners of the country. On the basis of afforestation in Xining City, has opened Qinghai wild animal rescue and breeding center, Huangshui Forest Park leisure and sightseeing scenic area. With the increase of forest area, also plans to build tall mountain sports experience Park, wetland park and other natural attractions xichuan. (author:

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