The province’s three largest national reform has a new effect people get benefits

Hospital doctor, Medicare card to the hospital put, nothing to worry about, the implementation of the registration system, as long as the material with the whole, to the court a few minutes to register the case"…… September, with the deepening of the reform of the three national name, people have tasted the sweetness of many reforms.

I is the three pilot provinces Guozihao reform, including the construction of ecological civilization system pilot, judicial system reform, the medical and health system reform pilot. In order to push forward the reform, our province has carried out a series of demonstration, breakthrough, driven effect of the pilot work, some key areas and key aspects of the reform achieved initial results.

"medical reform" to the people the most intuitive feeling is a high proportion of medical expenses. After heart surgery of Mr Ma greatly, he said: "I was in the hospital for 10 days plus surgery spent a total of 17 thousand yuan, Medicare reimbursement after his out only one thousand yuan. Health care reform does bring great benefits to our people." Not only that, at present, the province’s Medicare reimbursement ratio is the highest in the country, the proportion of urban and rural residents in the actual reimbursement of more than 60%.

"both gold and silver, more beautiful scenery, the country attaches great importance to ecological protection and construction in Qinghai, Qinghai adhere to the concept of ecological protection as a priority to coordinate the economic and social development. This year, in the reform of ecological civilization system, the provincial government issued the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization opinions. In the pilot national park system construction, focus on preparation form "the implementation of Qinghai Sanjiang National Park pilot district Maduo system source program", held in Beijing expert consultation. In the ecological protection red line delineation, the preparation of the formation of the Sanjiang source ecological protection comprehensive test area ecological protection red line proposal proposal.

accelerate the public security reform, improve the system of community correction…… The reform of the judicial system in our province is steadily advancing. The relevant units focus on the content of the pilot, according to the pilot program, and actively promote the improvement of judicial personnel classification management, improve judicial accountability, improve judicial personnel occupation protection, establishment of the district court below the provincial procuratorate unified provincial administration. At present, the pilot work to achieve substantive results, for the realization of judicial system reform breakthrough, to accelerate the judicial personnel professional occupation promotion process, according to the independent investigators and zequanli;

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