Xining printing four publications Award

In March 21st, Qinghai Province, the printing of publications, special typesetting business inspection briefing will be held, the meeting on the province’s 2013 annual publications printing enterprises, special typesetting plate business inspection and 2013 books of the year, internal publications printing quality inspection to be informed, and the 2013 book of the year, internal publications medal winning products.It is reported that the detection of

, as the province’s 53 publication printing enterprises, special typesetting plate: 27 annual publications printing enterprises qualified, 22 internal publications printing enterprise annual inspection, annual inspection of 4 specialized typesetting plate 1 qualified enterprises, digital printing enterprises outstanding; 35 publications printing enterprises received send copies of in the 348 book, the quality of the printing test results for books and publications for internal quality: 9, good product 18 kinds, 145 kinds of qualified, unqualified 2. Among them, Qinghai Xining printing factory in Qinghai Province in 2013, printed books, internal data quality testing, "Yong Zhongben treasure", teaching "2011 year literature review" was rated as high quality products, "2011 year literature", "translation of Tibetan Buddhist icon interpretation" as good products.

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