Xining Railway Station renovation project started supporting 9

September 18th, Xining Railway Station renovation and project started swearing in ceremony held in Xining, marking the Xining Railway Station and related project is in full swing, thus changing the Xining Railway Station project all started.

according to the relevant person in charge of the Qinghai Tibet railway company, Xining Railway Station transformation and related projects is the focus of the country and the province’s construction projects, much attention at all levels of leadership and the masses. The transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related engineering has completed the construction of pre removal operation in Xining West transition engineering, Yushu earthquake relief and post disaster reconstruction project of Xining North emergency cargo center, now under construction in Xining station engineering.

is about to start the construction of 9 projects. Xining Railway Station station expansion project, will be expanded at the site, the station consists of 9 platforms 21 lines (line 4), of which 8 yard Lanqing hair line (line), 6 stations table 13; Lanzhou station to the hair line (line), 11 stand table.

freight car: the project is located in Xining city huzhulu small village territory, a new 3 line 18, parking line 4, line 16 new 2 bit repair stations.

bus depot (including bus preparedness): the project is located in the north of Qilian Road, is linjiaya. New 3 lines of 9 repair garage, the new 2 lines of 2 paint library. The new development of new temporary repair line 6, line 2, line 3 bus garage.

Xining locomotive depot will be expanded in the reconstruction site, reorganizating site building 5, electric locomotive servicing standby line, the new repair (60 meters × 27 meters), auxiliary materials, spare parts, maintenance room lacquer, library before servicing, renovation of existing diesel locomotive repair for small electric locomotive mixed small repair, adjustment and maintenance process.

The new

use the motor car in Xining city huzhulu small village, new inspection base line 2, line 10 parking.

Xining east part of the project is located in the east of Xining north station, is located in the town of Yun Fu village. New 3 line of 9 units (reserved for 6 units) large machine repair library and the auxiliary side of the cross of 1. New 3 – line large machine stay in the library of the 1, the new large aircraft and ancillary vehicles to stay on the line of the 4, long rail car stay line of 2. New large machine calibration line 2, the new large machine marshalling line 1, large machine pull off the line of 1. In the large section of the original scale also built by the public works inspection.

new double walled Station freight center is about 25 km away from the city center, about 28 km away from Xining cargo station, is located in the town of Huangzhong dopa. Will be located in the double walled freight center container and stupid work area, express and motor vehicle operation area. Both double walled size unchanged, reserved to the hair line 4.

addition, Xining north station will be built in the railway freight storage area, north station to line 5 (line), do not do a passenger, to the hair line length is extended to 880 meters. Ning branch XiaoQiao Railway Station to the north end of the Xining North Railway Electrification transformation project, 4.5 km long. In order to ensure the opening at the end of 2014 second double line railway, Xining Railway Station hub transformation and related engineering;

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