The 236 cases of arbitration of labor disputes in Xining

day before reporters from Xining City Labor Dispute Arbitration Office learned that this year, up to now, the Xining labor dispute arbitration institutions arbitration of labor dispute cases since 236, the number of cases is slightly higher than in previous years, and the controversy focused on three aspects of labor relations, labor treatment and treatment of work-related injuries.

according to the City Labor Dispute Arbitration Office official, the province’s annual arbitration of more than and 400 cases of labor disputes, more than half of the focus in Xining. So far this year, 236 cases of arbitration in Xining arbitration agency, the largest number of cases of labor disputes. In addition, in turn for the treatment of work-related injuries, labor treatment cases. The focus of labor relations disputes, is the main parties both sides to terminate the labor relationship in practice differ, enterprises are often based on their internal rules and regulations of labor relations and workers. In addition, such cases often contain a certain economic factors, after the dispute, the two sides are reluctant to spend money on professional audit, resulting in the case when the determination and ruling have a certain degree of difficulty. Treatment of work-related injuries disputes mainly concentrated in the disability benefits, enterprises often think of themselves in the disabled workers paid the cost of treatment during hospitalization, should not pay for disability benefits, or both in the amount of subsidies could not agree. Labor treatment cases are mainly reflected in the contract breach.

according to the person in charge said that the current low rate of labor contracts signed by enterprises in Xining, more serious short-term. After the implementation of the new labor contract law, the situation will be improved. (author: Dong Xin)


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