Spring grass a new year alone

"down to the point, a little high……" a pair of men and women look like a pair of couplets on the door.

"Uncle Xu, do you think so?"

"good, good, beautiful."

they are not father and daughter, the old man named Xu Tongsheng, 77 years old this year. In 1975 the mother from Henan Nanyang to Qinghai Lake fishing workers, retired later in Xining. Xu Tongsheng into the old man’s house, the table was placed in the neighbor sent bread, meatballs, although not rich, but the elderly are satisfied.

Xu Tongsheng said: "now the party’s policy is good, people like us get the help of the government. The new year, the staff of the community to see themselves, for their own to solve a lot of things. Now live in the house, is the community to find free housing."

said the old man well intentioned people brought him too much moved, the old man said excitedly: "such as Liu, she told me this year neither relative nor friend, always take care of me, I also moved to the cable TV on the thirty night, I can watch the Spring Festival Gala, these things I do not dare to think. I don’t feel lonely this year. But I only know that she is surnamed Liu, she never told me his real name."

Xu Tongsheng old man is a person who knows how to be grateful, after getting the help of the social good hearted people, he has also started the community volunteer, helps the community to do some things. Although the old one new year’s Eve, but the old man had the new year with an air of importance. Look at the grate dumplings, old man said: "I hope that the health of the body, when two volunteers, now the government and the society has given me a lot of help, the community also apply for a low for me." Here, the old man has a warm smile on his face. He said, hope to have more good people to care and help the elderly, let them feel the love, even if only one person, the Spring Festival is also very warm.


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