Xining basic education satisfaction Sixth

Reporters from the city of Nanjing in July 14th, Xining municipal CPPCC education hand forum was informed that the Chinese Academy of Sciences show force of basic public services: Xining city China evaluation of basic education in the country 38 provincial and state planning city satisfaction rankings, from ninth in 2011 rose to sixth last year…… The results obtained, and the municipal government attaches great importance to the development of education is inseparable from the education activities are hand in hand with the city in recent years, in many ways, inter provincial level is inseparable, which, by the city of Nanjing, Xining municipal CPPCC matchmaking contributed to the two education wide hand in hand is the most typical example.

hand in hand in the education forum two CPPCC to carry the day’s meeting, the two city Department of education review made since 2007 since the "37 hand to hand in hand to the school" fruitful results, Xining third middle school, Nanchuan Road 10, two hand in hand benefit from the activity of the principals at the forum speak freely the results show that at the same time, expressed deep gratitude to the CPPCC Nanjing municipal department and education department. At the forum, Nanjing municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Jianhua said that the future will further increase efforts to achieve two hands in hand, education advantages and resources docking, expand exchanges and cooperation in multi level even in the field of education and other fields. Xining municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Ying pointed out that the two hand in hand to make Xining city education education has 5 big harvest: education concept has been a big change; realize the depth of resources sharing; I learn from the experience of Nanjing city school after hatching and good regeneration effect of harvest; teacher training; teaching management experience a lot of harvest.


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