State Council inspection team to resolve excess capacity in Qinghai

8 month 27 days to 31 days, composed by the Ministry of land and resources, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, China iron and Steel Industry Association, China Coal Industry Association of the State Council to resolve the overcapacity in the coal industry of iron and steel fifth inspection teams to Qinghai inspection guidance. Vice governor Wang Liming to participate in the inspection team feedback.

During the period of

, the State Council inspection team has in-depth development of energy special steel group, Xining province (Group) Datong coal mine, Qinghai Coal Group coal mine, Hongtupo Prefecture of Haixi Yuqia on-site inspection of coal mine.

State Council inspection team believes that to resolve the overcapacity in steel coal industry in Qinghai Province, from the thought highly consistent with the Party Central Committee, the relevant policies and requirements of the state to effectively implement. Departments and enterprises in related areas, according to local conditions, specific programs, clear objectives and tasks, priorities and deadlines, the implementation of the division of responsibilities, the formation of concerted efforts to resolve the overcapacity situation, work to promote, to achieve positive results. Inspection team to do a good job to resolve the excess capacity of the work of the opinions and suggestions.

Wang Liming pointed out that, to resolve the overcapacity is a major task to promote the supply side structural reform policy deployment, all localities and departments and enterprises should take the inspection as an opportunity to push to resolve the overcapacity as an important starting point for steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform, further strengthening the leadership, clear responsibilities, and strengthen measures to do solid work, to ensure the completion of the objectives and tasks.


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