The city’s first Western Small and micro enterprises increment

This year, the west district focus on adjusting the industrial structure, stimulating economic growth, helping small and micro enterprises, accelerate the transformation and upgrading. Up to now, the region’s total number of small and medium enterprises grew by more than 25%, the new enterprise of 1328, ranking the first in the city’s districts and counties. Recently, the west district to assist small and micro, transformation and growth as the focus of development, has more than 50 enterprises for the area to build the platform of small and micro enterprises, the 2014 declaration of the special funds for SME development in Qinghai province for 20 enterprises. Among them, focusing on cultivating the EASYHOME, Xining Bestway Hotel 15 annual sales of more than 5 million yuan of retail enterprises and more than 2 million yuan to become the catering accommodation enterprises, key enterprises in west area of the field of commercial and trade circulation. It is understood that the modern service industry bigger and stronger, the next step, the west region will continue to comprehensively promote the "two district center" on the basis of construction (i.e., the province’s financial gathering area, gathering area and the construction of the headquarters economy e-commerce center), actively implement the promotion of information consumption, cultural creativity, pension and family health service development policies and measures to set up investment and financing platform, accelerate the construction of third industrial incubation service center, the cultivation and development of more enterprises, so as to ensure that the increase in the region’s third industry value to achieve 11.5% growth target, and accounted for more than 88% of the weight of GDP. At the same time, relying on regional advantages, insist on maintaining growth and adjusting economic structure together, to create a modern service industry core area. Among them, the establishment of commercial pedestrian street in the lane as the axis of the city center business district, guide and support social forces to build folk culture training, exhibition, tourism service places, the modern cultural industry, trade and tourism exhibition formats blend, promote each other, make the traditional service industry new vitality.  

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