Xining by strengthening the four measures to increase rural road maintenance efforts

this year, two traffic department of Xining City, county, through strengthen organizational leadership, actively seek funds and the investment in equipment, effective measures to regulate the maintenance of data, such as file management, increase road and landscape renovation and flood remediation issues, making the city’s rural highway maintenance work to further strengthen the overall level of maintenance increased significantly.

first, strengthen organizational leadership. is a taken yearly task, caught in the examination, by the end of year to engage in competitions, to ensure that the rural highway maintenance work arrangements in place, put in place; two is a implementation of key maintenance and daily maintenance of the combination of the bidding system and zoning custody measures, will focus on the maintenance work of the professional maintenance company general maintenance, daily maintenance to the township to further clarify the lump sum maintenance, maintenance task, maintenance and custody of the principal responsibility, ensure the maintenance work carried out, to see results.

two, increase capital investment. 1, actively seek special funds from the province to promote conservation. rural highway maintenance fund from the original 3300 yuan per kilometer for County Road, township road 1600 yuan Village, the standard of 266 yuan per kilometer, increased to now grant County Road 4000 yuan, 2000 yuan, Village Road, township road 400 yuan, this year the city’s rural highway maintenance total capital of 3614000 yuan, an increase of 18% compared to 2010. 2, increase investment in special maintenance equipment. throughout the year by the Provincial Highway Bureau and county traffic bureau allocated together new booster rollers, loaders, excavators and other large agricultural vehicle maintenance professional equipment 10 / vehicles, a total investment of about 1600000 yuan. 3, increase the flood regulation. , according to incomplete statistics, the annual investment of about 14000000 yuan of funds, great efforts to focus on remediation of flooded roads, culverts, slope, retaining wall engineering and other diseases, the local people to ensure the normal travel and vehicle pass.

three, strengthen the standard management. this year the province to carry out "welcome CIQ" as an opportunity, in support of the Provincial Communications Department and the Provincial Highway Bureau, the Datong County Rural Highway maintenance data according to specification together with a month time, the implementation of the classification, filing, binding for safekeeping, met the acceptance criteria. At the same time to deploy two county related personnel to participate in training and learning, according to the requirements, according to the standard to collect their data files, special inspection at the end of the year, in order to achieve the city’s rural highway maintenance archives data, unified, standardized and scientific management.

four, strengthen road management. will cancel the road after the national toll highway law enforcement personnel to enrich team as soon as possible, to further strengthen law enforcement and inspection efforts, focusing on remediation of agriculture in recent years;

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