East District Xining City hundreds of young teachers issued an oath to read

December 11th, hundreds of young teachers in the east area of Xining City Yucai School in a theme of "teacher occupation the secret of happiness" reading salon, and collective oath to "good read, read good books, teach well, become a student favorite teacher of the people, social satisfaction.

100 teachers in the field in order to participate in the classic table of contents reading, reading lectures, teachers and students on the same stage musical performances, book reading initiative, rafting, reading experience sharing and other sectors of the activities, including the reading experience sharing links the most wonderful, "a beauty, called" Education, "classroom teachers third of an acre", "the truth is the most beautiful flower", "a lifetime teacher"…… Teachers and everyone share each book is a fragrant flowers, so that we all feel the noble and beautiful reading. In the 100 book floating activity, my favorite books to your hands, your favorite books to my hand, this book share happiness, only lovers can appreciate. The activities of the young teachers in reading and sharing results at the same time, the combination of reading and teaching practice, the teachers have to work in the future life to read good books, teach well, because "to teach, do first reading" has become the consensus of the teachers.


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