Learning the experience of Shanghai and promoting the development of Qinghai

10 month 13 days, Wang Guosheng of secretary of provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng led the Qinghai government delegation went to Shanghai to study, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and the Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Han Zheng, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Yang Xiong were accompanied.

in high-rise buildings in Pudong’s Financial District of Lujiazui, the construction of a total height of 632 meters of Shanghai Center Tower is known as the erection of the the Bund". Wang Guosheng and Hao Peng riding high speed elevator boarded the seat the first and the second in the world, domestic super high-rise, overlooking the whole Shanghai, science and technology, made a careful understanding of cultural innovation, praised Shanghai generous, verve and promote the modernization construction of international metropolis.

Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, 3 years of construction, investment management, trade facilitation, financial innovation, things in the post regulation, etc., to create a number of valuable experience can be copied to promote. Wang Guosheng and Hao Peng came to the service window of the administrative service center, face-to-face communication with staff, "feel welcome change tube service" brings, said to conscious of the standard Shanghai, innovative service means and the carrier, the transformation of government functions, to further stimulate innovation and vitality in the development of Qinghai. Xuhui District administrative service center to the cloud computing platform, the implementation of the "integrated management Internet plus administrative service" model and the city grid, data and information to run errands for the masses. Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng and his party visited the service window, watch big data grid management demonstration. They pointed out that although Qinghai’s economic backwardness, but the reform can not lag behind. Efforts should be made in the institutional innovation, to play the advantages of backwardness, to achieve the weak birds fly".

GE China Science and technology park has built the world’s most advanced integrated office buildings. Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng and his party visited the city with interest in the management of the city, aviation, power plants and other intelligent digital management case, I hope the two sides to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the future, to establish a close cooperative relationship. Shanghai aircraft design and Research Institute is responsible for the development of C919 large aircraft, ARJ21 new regional aircraft and other major tasks. Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng visited the fly sand table, the overall layout of company integrated avionics laboratory aboard the C919 display prototype, and the overall development of the company to watch the documentary, the enterprise brave, dedicated and innovative spirit of admiration.

in the 64th earth, everywhere filled with passion and vitality of reform and innovation. Members of the delegation of the province all the way, all the way. We said that the study tour, broaden the train of thought, broaden the horizons. To learn from the good experience of Shanghai, good practice, to further deepen reform, strengthen innovation, lay down the body to start the business, accelerate the construction of a harmonious and civilized and beautiful beautiful new Qinghai.

Shanghai city leaders Yin Hong, glorious time, the provincial leadership of the Zhang Jianmin, and so on, and so on, to participate in the investigation of the investigation, and then, in the case of the leadership of the company, such as, in the case of the leadership of the provincial people’s.


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