Please leave the implementation of filing system of the City Commission for Discipline nspection

February 26th, reporters from the city discipline inspection commission was informed that, in order to further strengthen the supervision and management of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres of discipline inspection and supervision, to create "Iron Army", the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection (Supervision Bureau) notify the cadres and workers leave system", to appoint cadres and workers please put forward new requirements for leave.
system clear Commission Bureau of cadres and workers due to things such as to who should leave, as long as the approval authority, and require all cadres and workers leave the filing system, after the end of the holiday that day to leave please dummy Organization Department; clear system Commission Bureau of cadres and workers should be based on the upper end of the holiday vacation plans submitted to the staff arrangement, apply Hugh dummy, leave approval form by the office of the Ministry of room, the Discipline Committee (Supervision Bureau) official agreed to by the organization department in charge of the Standing Committee at the beginning of the nuclear, audit, and approved by the principal leaders, cross Organization Department filing system of cadres at or above the county level; clear business, training, vacation, sick leave, the I fill out the "leading cadres in Xining city leave out filing form", submitted by the Organization Department of the Organization Department, and report to the Municipal Organization Department filing. Section and the following cadres and workers on official business, training and learning should fill in the form of leave, and in accordance with the examination and approval procedures.
system clear authority party branch, office of the organization department and the office of the Ministry of room, random on the Discipline Committee (Supervision Bureau) cadres and workers leave checks, checks as a department of the annual assessment and promotion of cadres, appointment and year-end Pingxianpingyou reference. Please (Hugh) false situation once every six months. Not in accordance with the provisions of leave procedures as absenteeism treatment.

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