n the first half of 760 new trademarks in Xining

reporter learned yesterday from the Qinghai Provincial Bureau of Commerce and industry, with the rapid increase in small and micro enterprises, enterprises increasingly strong sense of trademark, in the first half of this year, Xining has grown 760 registered trademarks. Trademark office to apply for trademark 481, an increase of 68%.

at present, the Xining Municipal Department of industry and Commerce has been declared to the national trademark office, "Baoyu Chen" "prosperity" as a well-known trademark, recommend 30 trademarks to participate in the "Qinghai famous trademark" selection activities.

plateau ecological organic brands flourish in Xining, a group of Xining has the characteristics of geographical indications of agricultural and livestock products as the development object is focused on cultivating agricultural industrialization chain to farmers extension, accelerate the commercialization of agricultural products, improve the added value of agricultural products. As of now, successfully registered in Huangyuan, Datong, Xining potato vinegar hair 7 geographical indications with local characteristics of the collective trademark.

currently, a total of 5307 registered trademarks in Xining. Of which 10 well-known trademarks, famous trademarks of the 36, well-known trademarks of 54, the region’s good trademark of 112. (author: Wang Yalin Lining)

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