Grasp governance to enhance Xining let green more pollution less

After 3 years of construction, covering an area of 1283 acres, known as the city of Xining, the ecological oxygen bar of the lake wetland to complete the main project, has been open to the public free of charge.

to accelerate the creation of National Forest City, the implementation of city garden, three, North and South Mountain Wetland Park and other construction projects, new afforestation 254 thousand and 800 acres, 40.7 acres of garden city. To carry out comprehensive urban environmental improvement hundred days of action, the city environment management by the main street or lane extension. Accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, shutting down polluting enterprises 16, the scale of industrial added value of energy consumption fell by 15.31%. Air quality rate reached 81.1% in the first 7 months. Comprehensive management of water environment of Huangshui River in advance, Xiaoxia exit section of water quality improved significantly.

for gas and water as the focus, adhere to the "reduction of dust, coal, corporate governance, control of the car, the whole slag", accelerate the transformation, city sewage treatment plant sewage pipe network construction, to ensure full control, collection and treatment of the water into the city, to achieve the target. Strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the urban environment hundred days of action results, vigorously promote the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment contiguous, efforts to optimize the rural living environment. Strengthen the national highway, railway tourist attractions and the surrounding environment, to create a clean Xining.  

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