City Commission for Discipline nspection and Supervision Bureau invited the provincial Propaganda D

in order to effectively carry out the "90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese" in August 5th, City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau invited the head of provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department propaganda group Guo Yunfu held "to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party propaganda training will Chinese". Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of the Standing Committee, the organs of the office room, the discipline of the work of the discipline committee to monitor all cadres to participate in the training.

Comrade Guo Yunfu is giving a lecture

Comrade Guo Yunfu first tells the story of our party 90 years of struggle and great achievements, then the construction of deep understanding and grasp of the party under the new situation facing the new situation and new tasks are recounted, he systematically analyzes the vivid practice of the important magic weapon in 11th Five-Year during the modernization of our province and the comprehensive construction of victory a well-off society; preaching each period on all fronts of the grass-roots party organizations and members in the outstanding contribution of revolution, construction and Reform in the making; thoroughly explain the spirit of general secretary Hu Jintao’s "71" speech, rich in content, close to reality, for example, simple and vivid language, as a vivid lesson for counseling everyone.

Ma Haiying and other leaders and cadres to seriously listen to lectures

After listening to the

of Comrade Guo Yunfu’s tutorial, we have deep feelings, agreed that the general secretary Hu Jintao’s important speech is a rich historical heritage, with a distinctive flavor of the times report, is the current armed party members, education of cadres of the most authoritative and most vivid when reading and Political Theory teaching. Must take the important speech of general secretary Hu Jintao combined with the actual work, good activities being carried out and a combined, combined with the construction of learning party organization, and to study and implement the Secretary Qiang Wei in the province to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese conference speech and Comrade Wang Jianjun in Qinghai province to commemorate the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese spirit the 90 anniversary of the speech on the Symposium on the theory combine into a powerful driving force for good clean government and anti-corruption, to further enhance the sense of responsibility, better play the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle for new achievements.



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