55 kilometers north of the city of Xining highway construction

July 10th, North District of Xining city in rural highway construction mobilization meeting, 11 administrative villages in North District Construction Bureau and the district signed letters of responsibility and the responsibility of the book, in 2013 to start the implementation of new rural road hardening projects, improve the rural travel conditions.

this year, the north of the city to fight the provincial special grant funds 7 million 620 thousand yuan, self financing of $5 million 650 thousand, the implementation of the new rural road hardening project to promote the integration of urban and rural public transport process. The hardening of the road up to 55.013 kilometers, covering the Bao Zi Zhen Tao Nan Cun Lang Cun Yan, bar area, village, 11 village of Bao Zhai village construction, the average mileage of 5 kilometers, the road width requirement is 3.5 meters to 4.5 meters, the villagers travel conditions will be improved. (author: Peng Na Zhao Yongming)

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