High quality high level and high quality 2015 Green Fair signing amount over 180 billion yuan

how to continue to increase the downward pressure on the economy, the increasing difficulties of all parties under the situation of increasing popularity, enhance the level and influence of the Green Fair, attractive, is a difficult task facing the 2015 green fair. In this regard, the provincial government from the Green Fair after began to study, to integrate into the "The Belt and Road" construction, highlighting the green development in Qinghai heights, Qinghai mining and cultivate cultural advantages as the main line, from the concept of the release, exhibition layout, means innovation, forum design, fine do such relentless efforts, a successful exhibition success, become a high level, high level and high quality event. July 8th, 2015 Green Fair work summary will be held, the Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Luo Yulin made an important speech at the meeting.

overall quality improvement

this Green Fair attracted more than 12 thousand and 500 domestic and foreign guests, is the largest ever, of which more than 2 thousand and 300 enterprises more than 5100 business representatives, for the most well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and strong technology industry leader more than the previous number. Foreign dignitaries, top international experts and scholars attended various activities of the forum and international business negotiations, Langchao group, Chinese tower company and the provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions of the image display and project promotion, fully reflects the development potential of Qinghai, Qinghai to further expand the influence of verification.

cooperation significantly

project to negotiate the contract, has always been an important part of the test results of the Green Fair, during the exhibition signed a total of 378 projects, the amount of over 180 billion yuan. Of which 195 industrial projects, the amount of $120 billion 400 million, accounting for more than 67%, an increase of 10 percentage points, new energy, industrial chain extension and supporting, characteristics of light industry projects accounted for 44%, respectively, 8.2%. Beidou navigation, electric buses, Bluetooth products, smart intelligent industrial park and a number of industrial projects, high-end technology contracted, but also further demonstrates Qinghai in the national industrial development strategy in the special position and role.

highlights the four new development

Based on the

transformation and development, a comprehensive display of our province in the forefront of the times, to showcase the province of new products, new technologies, new services and new formats, the lithium industry chain, Saline Lake chemical industry, nonferrous metals, photovoltaic industry and other industrial clusters, to further consolidate the great potential for industrial development in Qinghai. A number of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent control, intelligent management and networking applications to enhance the industrial height of Qinghai. Creative + technology, mobile + consumer, enterprise + service, network + finance, culture, science and technology and other new formats, will be closely linked with the modern market in Qinghai. Chong passenger area UAV, 3D printing, table networking shows the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation in Qinghai.

event brilliant

this exhibition will be held around the electric steam;

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