Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center one hundred tons per day low vegetabl

in order to protect the market supply, stabilize the price of vegetables, minimize intermediate links, from the source to control the price of vegetables. Our province’s largest wholesale vegetable distribution center – Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center in response to the call of the municipal government, from August 5th to December 31st, continue to organize the Haidong city and the province of vegetable grower has been transporting vegetables, green vegetable base organization in Huzhu County Agricultural, put 20 varieties to the market every day more than and 100 tons of fresh vegetables, each the wholesale price of vegetables were lower than the other 10% – 20% market.

100 tons of fresh vegetables every day into the city

has been a high price of vegetables has become the hearts of the people of the faint pain, how to make the high prices of vegetables down, how to make people really eat cheap food, rest assured that food? This year, the city from the protection of the market supply, increase the intensity of field food distribution, smooth local food sales channels, reduce circulation and other measures to start, to maximize the benefit of the people. From August 5th onwards, according to the municipal government, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center help farmers Lutian vegetable base, vegetable directly from field to market, the daily supply volume reached 100 tons. Because of a decrease in circulation, reduce the cost, the price of vegetables than the local market price 10% – 20%.

wholesale households early in the morning to grab food

in August 8th, the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market of 8 to stabilize prices of vegetables direct supply point, the reporter saw, the farmers are busy in Huzhu County Lvtian base from the car carrying all kinds of fresh vegetables, tomatoes here, 0.7 yuan / kg, leek 1.35 yuan / kg, 1 yuan / kg, potatoes carrot 1 yuan / kg, more than a dozen varieties of green vegetables in the sun plants, the most exciting is that every kind of vegetable wholesale price was lower than the market wholesale price of 10% – 20%. Master Li to come here early in the morning of vegetables for his own booth at the tiger Taiwan market, these days every morning to 6 he will come here on time the wholesale 10 varieties of hundreds of kilograms of vegetables, if not as soon as possible come a little late, these dishes have long been people "rob" light.

happy farmers selling vegetables

mutual Lvtian base for fresh vegetables, vegetable, wholesale prices are low, in a few hours, a few vegetables wholesale car will end. A lot of wholesale households are from the county to come early, they are more wholesale volume, more varieties. Vegetable wholesale households are at 9 every day has a few fresh vegetables wholesale car finished, a slight adjustment, front and steering in Huzhu county vegetable base in the afternoon picking, wait until the evening traffic less time, and then picking vegetables shipped to Xining, Xining is at 2, 3 left and right, until 4 there will be one after another to the wholesale vegetable traders. Although the day is very busy, but the sales channels, reduce a lot of circulation, sell fast, farmers also love such direct sales.

distribution center to protect the market supply

according to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural products distribution center responsible person;

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