Movie Buffs Will Love Dell Cinema

first_imgNineteen consecutive quarters of PC share gain. It’s not bragging if it’s a statement of fact, right?Well, the fact is that Dell has achieved those 19 quarters of growth through a commitment to innovation. Some of it you see very visibly in our product design – like the newest XPS 13 that’s thinner than half the width of your fingernail.But much of the innovation being talked about in our livestream from CES 2018 today is inside the systems. What you see is only the beginning of what you get.So let me share some of the cool new software solutions, such as Dell Cinema and Dell Mobile Connect, that we’ve been building to meet your needs for mobility and entertainment.Dell CinemaTo figure the future of our products, our engineers read the trends. Then build solutions that are going to meet the future needs of customers and be ahead of everybody else.For example, what percentage of people do you think watched their favorite TV show on a TV last year? The answer is 52 percent. It’s 23 percent today. That’s a 56 percent decrease in just one year.Informed with statistics like that, our engineers set out on a journey to optimize our PCs for media experiences. That led to the creation of Dell Cinema – which is actually a combination of three key technologies to optimize color, sound and streaming.TechRadar recently took notice of it, so I’ll also share some of their thoughts as I dive into each element:CinemaColor“Dell isn’t a novice when it comes to breathtaking screens,” TechRadar noted. “The company has introduced some of the first OLED 4K, 8K and high-dynamic range (HDR) monitors, and now it hopes to make the latter a display standard for many of its all-in-one PCs and laptops.“To this end, Dell has introduced Cinema Color software to push display vibrancy and contrast levels to simulate a HDR-like viewing experience.”Cinema Color, powered by Windows HD Color, brings HDR content to PCs for the first time. With Cinema Color, you’ll get super vivid dazzling brights and deepest blacks. you go to a movie theater, you not only hear the sound, you often feel it. CinemaSound with WavesMaxx Audio built in brings your PC sound to life with clearer highs, enhanced bass and higher volume for a cinematic audio experience right in your own home.“More than a month ago we thought the Round Rock electronics firm were merely simulating front-facing speakers with downward-facing hardware,” said TechRadar “But there’s much more behind the technology.”Our engineers have tested and programmed the software to specifically enhance each devices’ sound profile before it ever leaves the factory. Then, after it’s in your home, CinemaSound will use sensors within your computer to adjust and optimize the speakers. while great visuals and audio are key to a good media experience, there’s one thing that can grind it all to a halt. Streaming content from the internet has become many people’s main entertainment source, but we’ve all experienced low video quality or buffering in the middle of our favorite show.Which is why in partnership with Rivet Networks, our team co-developed a software solution to make streaming better.“Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve any magical pixie dust to give you more network speed,” TechRadar said. “Instead Cinema Streaming utilizes SmartByte and Killer Wireless’ software to intelligently prioritize your bandwidth usage for a bufferless experience.” combination of these three innovative technologies will give you the most immersive, captivating experience possible – the goal is for you to hear and see the content the way its creators intended.Dell Mobile ConnectHow many times have you heard your phone chime telling you have a text – and while you try to resist it you just can’t? So you stop what you’re doing and check your phone. Now, this disruption is a thing of the past.Mobile Connect is the first-ever complete wireless integration that makes your PC and smartphone work better together.On iPhone, you can receive texts and phone calls right on your PC screen, and with Android, you can talk, text and access all your apps like you saw in the video. No more splitting your attention between the two devices you use the most.All new Dell XPS, Inspiron, Vostro and Alienware desktops, laptops, two-in-1ones, and all-in-ones purchased after January 2018 will come preloaded with the Windows 10 app. And, to pair it with your smartphone you simply need to download the Dell Mobile Connect app from the Android or iOS app store.But all this work on the software doesn’t mean we’ll stop innovating on the hardware. Also announced today, but coming later this year, is our first XPS 15 2-in-1. The type of thinner, lighter and more powerful mobile device that both hobbyists and professional creators demand, it will have a maglev keyboard.What’s that? Well, have you ever played air hockey? You know how the puck floats? With this new keyboard, the keys won’t have a physical mechanism. They are floating and tuned with magnets to mimic the feel of a standard keyboard – in a thinner design.Now that’s a cool engineering feat. And it’s that sort of drive to push boundaries that has earned Dell’s XPS portfolio more product awards than any other brand in our history.And these are just some of many exciting announcements we are making at CES 2018. Stay up to date on the latest Dell news by visiting our CES press site here throughout the duration of the show.last_img

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