Beichuan Xining four village resettlement housing construction

  the majority of the villagers eagerly look forward to the North Park Village resettlement housing construction recently started on schedule, the remaining 3 Village resettlement housing will be started successively in the month end. At present, the Beichuan River in Xining city (the core section) comprehensive control project of demolition of the North apricot, Tao Jiazhai, Tao, new stone Lei four village village resettlement housing preliminary formalities have been completed.

Beichuan River four village resettlement housing will be placed in Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management of engineering and Biological Park Phase two development two projects involving North, Tao Jiazhai, Tao Xin, apricot stone Lei village 1919, 8116 people. Four village resettlement planning for East Beichuan River, West Road, Ning Zhang south to Tianjun bridge, north to the north of the City Sanitation District comprehensive building, a total of 434.92 acres, including the North apricot village of 50.3 acres, 122.67 acres, Tao Tao Jia Zhai Cun village of 119.77 acres, 142.19 acres of the village of stone lei. The total construction area will reach 750 thousand square meters, the construction of housing units will be 3900. District green rate of 35.1%, will be synchronized with the construction of the village collective economic and commercial construction of 180 thousand square meters, kindergartens, old age room and other public service rooms, old clubs and other facilities. (author: Su Jianping)


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