2016 Ching of cup international traditional archery nvitational Darden Cultural Festival opened in

9 the morning of 9 August 10, 2016 "Ching of cup" colorful sky international traditional archery tournament cum Cultural Festival opened in Dayton Tang Zhen Mark Jianzha County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 118 teams from home and abroad and 1691 contestants will bow jingxiong.

Jianzha county tourism resources are unique, and the religious culture is profound, which is the birthplace of Tibetan buddhism. In 2007, the county was named by the State Sports General Administration as "the hometown of Chinese Archery."".

this tournament is better than the previous scale, from the United States, Germany, France, Ukraine, Iran, Mongolia, South Korea and other foreign teams 19. In addition, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan team 2, outside the province of the team of 21, the province’s 76 teams participating, the players will participate in the competition through the traditional bow, bow, bow and other composite to participate in the 5 projects.

the 7 day event will end on September 14th. During the event, will be held, thousands of folk song contest Rai Dayton feast and a series of rich regions and ethnic cultural activities.

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Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Jianzha county is China’s only national archery China Township, the county’s archery as early as the ninth Century in folklore, after thousands of years of development and evolution, this activity has become a strong national characteristics and rich entertainment nature of folk sports events and traditional sports. Jianzha’s "colorful sky" by red, yellow, black, blue, green five colors, red represents passion and vitality, rich and noble black yellow symbol, a symbol of strength and fair, the blue symbolizes wisdom and tolerance, green symbolizes hope and peace. "Dayton", the Tibetan word for arrows feast, let the dance, rap and wine with endless passion and happiness all through the night after the carnival, the locals regarded as more important than the Tibetan New Year holiday.


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