On behalf of members of the Spring Festival Service Life

On behalf of members:

line: caojiabao airport customer service department

markets will temporarily shut down?How to adjust the

lost the key lock hurry to do?


see red lanterns on the square, already smell more and more concentrated flavor of the year, the Spring Festival is coming, people who are in the carefully prepared a busy year, special purchases for the Spring Festival, greatest wish is during the Spring Festival family reunion live a happy and peaceful holiday. In order to let the public joy have a good year, municipal people’s Congress, the CPPCC members were asked according to the small problem in previous years during the Spring Festival, people will encounter, for these questions, especially the connection of the FAQ related departments, carefully prepared a service guide, so that everyone had a rich and colorful spring festival.

on behalf of members asked:

– market prices during the Spring Festival?

line department: the Municipal Bureau of Commerce

to protect the city this winter and spring vegetables meat, the main supply of daily necessities, stabilize the market price, Xining city to carry out a series of guarantee stable prices for key commodities control work. It is understood that a total of 100 thousand tons of vegetables and vegetables transported in winter and spring, the reserve of vegetables of 10 thousand tons, the transportation of cattle, sheep, sheep, the first half of the first half of the year, 135 thousand tons of live pigs, cattle, tons of sheep, sheep, 200 tons, and a total of 1200 tons. Up to now, has completed transporting 46 thousand tons of vegetables; from the reserve of 1200 tons, 800 tons of cattle and sheep in vivo reserve reserves of 200 tons.

[] to determine the allocation according to the varieties of vegetables and emergency holiday market market demand, to popular dishes, before and after the Spring Festival in two batches of reserves of 10 thousand tons, long pepper, cucumber, leeks, fine food, through the "food card docking", respectively before and after the Spring Festival on the city’s key supermarkets, discount stores, farmers market, direct sales stores listing sales, supermarkets carry out cheap vegetable supply, cheap vegetables supply in the city area set up 12 major supermarket chain stores, or higher for vegetables, every day to the public supply of not less than 15 varieties of cheap vegetables.

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