2016 Qinghai commodity set in Beijing Haidian District start

to further expand domestic demand and promoting consumption, strengthen economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Qinghai province and Beijing City, to strengthen the promotion of Qinghai products in the Beijing market awareness, October 29th, sponsored by the Department of Commerce in 2016 "Qinghai large set of goods in Beijing Haidian District start.


is a large set of goods for a week, the province’s 76 exhibitors, exhibitors covering fresh, meat products, dairy products, bee products, drinks wine, handicrafts, textile products, native products such as eight more than 1000 kinds of products. During the negotiations will be organized to organize the contract, product exhibitions and other activities, and invited Beijing large buyers and two well-known media exhibitors.

"a large set of goods activities held seven sessions, for the continuation of a large set of goods activities, this is my fourth time into the capital Beijing plateau" famous ", is mainly to the community to show the characteristics of Qinghai products and has a promotion, also for the local comprehensive, close experience of Qinghai products a good opportunity." According to commerce department director Shang Yulong introduction, Qinghai large set of goods held since 2010, adhere to the "great beauty of Qinghai, green consumption" exhibition concept, to expand the exhibition promotion, Qinghai province product visibility and market share, promote enterprises in Qinghai into the national market, improve the open level of development.

for seven years, "Qinghai large set of goods from the original focus on commodity sales gradually to display sales, promotion, channel development and seek cooperation and change, participating enterprises through the" Qinghai large set of goods, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Fujian and other places to establish long-term sales channels. Open up the foreign sales market, and effectively promote the Qinghai province local products and enterprises "going out" pace.

Qinghai has a rich and unique natural resources and superior ecological resources, the main plateau green organic brand, with a large set of goods Qinghai activities, Beijing Qinghai keeps close cooperation in the field of business. The characteristics of fresh, dairy products, handicrafts and other products favored by the people of Beijing, through the exhibition, part of the hot selling goods in Qinghai has entered the supermarket shelves in Beijing sales." Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce official said.


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