Huangzhong will be built in 6 years of advanced national unity and progress

September 3rd, the reporter to create national unity and progress of advanced work conference learned from the Huangzhong County, the county will be two years of strong base, four years off, six years to create advanced "as built advanced areas of national unity and progress.

Huangzhong is a populous county in our province, is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural blend of areas, do a good job of national unity in Huangzhong, the relationship between the whole of Xining and the province’s long-term stability and national unity. Therefore, to clarify the goals and tasks of Huangzhong county at the same time, the ideological education and guidance based on the economic development as the core, to improve the livelihood of the people as the fundamental, to resolve the disputes as the focus, to lay a solid foundation for support, to the field of religion management as the starting point, to create a good atmosphere to create and solve problems well, play the typical leading role, plans to use 6 years to build advanced areas of national unity and progress. (author: Li Hao)

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