The province’s construction labor price growth of 16 6%

to reflect the province’s construction market artificial price level, maintain the construction market economic order, after careful research estimates, before the province on the province’s construction project building and decoration, general installation, municipal, landscape, antique buildings, housing renovation, municipal maintenance quota price labor professional engineering is adjusted. The adjusted artificial price of 88.87 yuan / day, compared with 76.2 yuan / day increase of 16.6% before adjustment.

it is understood that the construction engineering budget quota of artificial cost price adjustment, objective, timely and accurately reflect the changes of the construction projects in our province the price information, the parties to protect the building market interests, promote the healthy and orderly development of the province’s construction market will play a positive role.

in recent years, with the continuous development of our province’s economic and social development, urban construction, labor supply and demand in the construction market has also undergone significant changes. Especially in terms of demand, in the country to expand domestic demand and stimulate economic growth, the rapid growth of fixed asset investment, our province construction volume growth, construction employment increased year by year, the construction industry with the number of workers also increased significantly. At the same time, in terms of labor supply, the number of migrant workers entering the construction industry has declined in recent years. In the province of the rich peasants, agricultural policy, many farmers living improved, farmers do not have to go out to earn a living, some people stay in the home part; followed by the school enrollment policy to rural children to enter the universities; there is more manufacturing a new generation of migrant workers in the work environment is relatively good and services. These conditions also contributed to the construction of artificial price has increased.


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