Xining City Federation of trade unions student funding began to release

August 24th, learned from the Municipal Federation of trade unions to protect the rights and interests of the Department, 2009 Xining City Federation of trade unions "student" activities have entered the stage of disbursement of funds, the 100 workers in difficulty family students will get undergraduate college students 3000 yuan, 2000 yuan subsidy.

it is understood that the 100 workers in difficulty families of students funded by the union of the list before the date has been officially verified, they are poor returns through belongs to the parents of the union, and the union accepted household survey and the establishment of the workers in difficulties of electronic files, then carry out strict examination by the Municipal Federation of trade unions helping poor workers, selected in urgent need of funding difficulties workers children. The recipients include: family income per capita is slightly higher than the local minimum living security line but there are family members suffering from serious illness, disability, sudden disasters and other special difficulties in guaranteeing the edge of their children; after a government bailout after life is still difficult for the children of employees in guaranteeing that workers in urban family; school, family economic difficulties college graduates the children of migrant workers and family difficulties workers employment difficulties caused by industrial accidents, arrears of wages, illness and other reasons.

according to reports, the Municipal Federation of trade unions plan from August 25th to 27, three days, taken by the Federation of trade unions leading into the difficulties workers home households paid, helping poor workers union center issued, four districts, three County Federation of trade unions and the trade union committee, bureau of parks small centralized payment form. Strive to 298 thousand yuan grant timely payment to each recipient object in hand, make them feel the care and warmth of Party and trade unions, to the difficulties workers family students hope. It is reported that the City Federation of trade unions since the start of the autumn student activities, the city’s trade unions at all levels have accumulated funding for difficult workers, migrant workers 898 children, providing grants of $2 million 159 thousand and 500.


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